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Cancer Symptoms In Young Women Shouldn’t Ignore

Cancer Symptoms In Young Women Shouldn’t Ignore

Research has proven that women are more concerned about regular health checkups and cancer screenings than men. However, younger women aren’t that cautions. They have this misconception that cancer is a problem of the old. Some symptoms must get your attention.

Cancer Symptoms In Young Women

Weight loss: An unexplained weight loss without increasing exercise or reducing exercise could mean something as serious as an overactive thyroid. Expect your doctor to run you through tests and CT scans.

Bloating: Women think, bloating is very common but it could be pointing at ovarian cancer for all you know. A physician should be consulted if bloating continues for weeks. Other symptoms of ovarian cancer include feeling full, pelvic pain or abdominal pain.

Changes in the breast: Thickening of the skin of the areola could indicate a rare type of breast cancer. Also, if you notice some changes around or on the nipple or a discharge when you are not breastfeeding then you must consult a doctor.

Unusual bleeding: between-period bleeding and post menopause bleeding could be a sign of endometrial cancer. Such abnormal bleeding calls for an appointment with the doctor. Depending on the symptoms and time of such bleeding, an ultrasound or biopsy is what you might have to go in for.

Skin changes: Most women look out for bumps or lesions on their skin but change in skin pigmentation is also something to look out for if you are dreading cancer. Excessive scaling or skin tear that persists for several weeks should be checked up with a doctor.

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Problem in swallowing: Persistent difficulties experienced while swallowing can be a sign for gastrointestinal cancer. Consult a doctor even though you may have changed your diet to soups and liquids for easy chewing.

Excreting blood from stool: Consult a doctor who may advise you to go in for a number of tests to examine for colon cancer. It may not be something to be worried about if it happens just once, but a doctor should be consulted if it occurs more than once.

Changes in the mouth: Smokers and/or tobacco chewers should be especially careful about this. Any white spot on the tongue or white patches inside the mouth could indicate a pre-cancerous condition called leukoplakia that can eventually lead to oral cancer.

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