10 Secrets To Lead a Happy Life

Once an emperor of a land asked his court writers to present before him a line, a phrase or a paragraph, that when the emperor reads it in his sad times should make him happy and if he reads it in the happy times, the same thing should make him sad.

And the author of such line will be rewarded with all the riches in the world. The one who won, presented his work before the emperor, handed over him a small piece of paper with a small line written on it: “these moments will pass”.

Secrets To Lead a Happy Life

Secrets To Lead a Happy Life

1. Never compare yourself with others:

Every individual in the universe is as unique as every leaf on a tree is unique. Comparisons only bring forth the sorrows. See and look yourself as a unique individual having a unique purpose of life, and similarly look at others with the same perspective. This view point will only bear love in your heart as well as the other’s hearts.

2. Expectations:

Expectations are the biggest cause of human sorrows. Animals are benefited as far as this is concerned as they never expect somebody other than themselves to do their chores. Neither will u expect things from others nor will you ever hate them. Neither will negativity sweep into you nor will be u ever unhappy.

3. Value yourself:

It is very important to value your true being on this planet earth. Always believe that you are assigned a task in this life and only you are capable of doing that task and nobody else. Thus believe in yourself and value yourself and of course in turn value your life.

4. Discover your hobbies:

Keeping in touch with your hobbies and passions, scientifically proven, releases happy hormones in your body. Keep pursuing whatever you are good at, and gives you satisfaction.

5. Listen to music:

Music is a path that gives way to unreleased emotions. It is one effective way of catharsis and brings in you some good emotions. Thus whenever you feel a little low in your life, turn on your iPods and play your favorite tracks.

6. Stay in the present:

Over thinking always and always leads to negativity. Try and stop thinking about the past because it is no more, don’t think about the future because it is yet not there. Enjoy things which actually are in your hand and soon will you start smiling without any reason.

7. Stay optimist:

As the law of attraction proves, you think negative and you experience negative. You think positive and you experience positive things in your life. So, always think positive, keep working hard with a positive attitude and world will be a beautiful place to live in.

8. Learn to say no:

There are so many times when you want to refuse but you don’t and then you crib. But always remember if after saying yes makes you feel worse, then it is better to feel bad after saying a no.

9. Learn to love:

Love and compassion is a solution to maximum number of problems in your life. Introduce love into your life and see the magic. Love your spouse, love your friends, Love your pet, and love your garden and flowers. Love anything and your world will transform into a Disney land.

9. Spread happiness:

Last, but not the least, Happiness when shared multiplies and sorrows divide when shared. Thus when you are happy yourself, vow to make somebody else happy too. Imagine a chain reaction that it will generate. Think about it.

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