5 Outdated Makeup Rules

Makeup is pretty much like fashion, it changes every season. You need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends to make sure you never go wrong getting ready for a party.

During the past few years, a lot of rules have changed in the game and you surely can’t afford to miss them.

Outdated Makeup Rules

1. Stop applying mascara only to top lashes:

With lashes, bigger is always better. Apply mascara to both sets of eyelashes, starting with the bottom. Then apply a coat each of two different types of mascara, such as one that volumizes and one that lengthens, to really make your eyes pop.

2. Matching your manicure and pedicure is a big ‘no-no’:

If you are getting a manicure and pedicure done together at a spa then please don’t opt for the same nail color for both. The trend currently is to opt for a subdued daytime look on your fingers by choosing any neutral gradient and use your toes to try more experimental nail design.

3. Choosing a concealer one shade lighter than the skin is a big blunder:

Light shades tend to highlight the area rather than conceal it. If you have any blemishes to conceal and you are using a lighter concealer then that’s a recipe for disaster.

Stick to your actual shade while picking up a spot concealer for face. For eyes, you can always go for a brightening concealer.

4. Please stop using eyebrow pencils for your brows:

I can’t help but feel sorry for you if you are still stuck with this one. Pencils can look stark and made up unless you have perfected the art of keeping it subtle.

Powders look more natural and are much harder to go wrong with. Just use any dark brown matte Eyeshadow with an angled brush in short strokes and you are good to go.

And yes, avoid using black eye shadow, instead of opting for complete black, you can mix it with brown or any metallic color to make it more impactful.

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5. Keeping your office makeup neutral can be a bit boring:

You might not want to wear your brightest lipstick to work, but with the emergence of more casual workplaces and companies who want to make their employees happy.

People are enjoying a lot more freedom in how they present themselves than years past. Don’t be afraid to wear bright makeup at work, as long as you don’t overdo it.

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