12 Positive Health Benefits of Abhyangam

Abhyangam literally means applying oil over the body, a knowledge derived from ancient Ayurveda. Oil massage per se has many positive effects on our body.

Its importance is gaining light each day with the increasing need for relaxing oneself from stressful city life.

Abhyangam is of two types, one that can be done regularly with the usual oil according to your texture of the skin.

The second one is therapeutic oil application- massage by a professional therapist, using oils specific to the ailment, season, and constitution of the person.

Marma is 107 subcutaneous pressure points in the human body. They are a connection between the mind and the body.

Each marma has an effect on a particular organ system and an injury to anyone energy when massaged properly.

Thus, the masseur or masseuse tries to rejuvenate these points, which provides a definitive curative impact.

Abhyangam Health Benefits

Abhyangam Massage:

Abhyangam starts with a head massage in the sitting position, followed by neck and shoulder massage.

After this, the person is made to lie down on the massage table and the face-up position starts with hands and shoulders, followed by legs and then the back.

All the joints are massaged in a circular manner, clockwise and anticlockwise. Fingers and toes are also oiled thoroughly.

Finally, the navel is filled with oil and the stomach is massaged gently in a clockwise direction.

The wooden massage table, called droni, is made of therapeutic wood (like Neem). When the oil is applied to the body, none of it is absorbed by the wood.

Moreover, continuous massage of the body against the wood increases resistance and thus the penetration of oil becomes better in the body.

Oil massage at home can be done regularly by olive oil in summer and sunflower oil in winter. Coconut and sesame oils can be used in any season.

12 Positive Health Benefits of Abhyangam:

In Ayurveda, abhyangam oil massage is known for the following things:

1. Relieves the body from fatigue (Shram Har).

2. Anti-aging (Jarahar).

3. Releases the stress and relaxes the nervous system (Vata Har).

4. Increases stamina (Pushti Kar).

5. Improves eyesight (Drishti Prasad Kar).

6. Improves sleep cycles (Swapna Kar).

7. Creates electrochemical balance and thus increases one’s life span (Ayu Kar).

8. Improves the immune system (Klesh Sahatwa).

9. Subsides ailments caused by kapha-vata imbalance in the body (Kapha Vata Nirodhak).

10. Improves the healing power of the body (Abhighat Sahatwa).

11. Maintains body strength (Mrija Varna Bala Prad).

12. Strengthens the skin (Twak Dridh Kar).

SOURCE: B-Positive Health Magazine

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