Best Drug and Rehab Centers around the World

Drug addiction ruins not just an individual’s health but also one’s social life. However, it can be cured with willingness and assistance from experts.

There are many rehabilitation centers with various programs like residential treatment or inpatient, outpatient, local support, gender separate and so on. Their aim is to help an individual recover and it is important to take the recovery plan with much dedication.

Start with a thorough research on the list of rehab centers available, how much they cost, insurance policies, the location, the duration of the recovery program and facilities and other preferences.

It won’t be an easy road to recovery but it is worth the fight. Drug addicts need to believe in themselves, work hard and look forward to a turning over a new leaf.

Drug addiction affects not only the individual but also disturbs the entire family as well and results in numerous deaths. Research has shown that here are over three million drug addicts in India, alone.

Drug abuse is the use of substances without prescription, in excessive doses for purposes other than medical needs. The common drugs used by drug addicts are cocaine, heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), barbiturates, mandrax and a variety of opiates.

With regards to the use of cigarettes, narcotics, alcohol or any other substance, they are used as a performance enhancing device. These, beyond a point, become less effective and the body develops a craving for them, needing them in a much higher dosage. And in turn, the ability of the body to perform depends purely on this support system and not naturally.

Going through the natural transitions of life, like loss of loved ones, injuries due to loss of balance, sleep related issues, physical pain and psychological and social factors all add up to the vulnerability to drug abuse and addiction.

Most of the rehabilitation centers practice the 12 steps treatment model, which was first published in the 1939 book, ‘Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered From Alcoholism.’ It provides a linear set of principles to achieve the goal. Listed below are some of the key 12 steps.

• Admit that the alcoholism, compulsion of addiction cannot be controlled.

• Believe that a higher power can restore sanity.

• Make a decision to submit to the Almighty, as you understand Him.

• Seek humbly to God to help with all shortcomings.

• Introspect past errors with the help of a sponsor or an experienced member.

• Compensate for all the mistakes and harm done.

• Adopt a new code of behavior in order to start a new life.

• Help other people suffering from the same habits of addiction, alcoholism, or compulsions.

Best Rehab Centers

Some Best Drug and Rehab Centers around the World:


Located in the safely zone of Koh Chang in Thailand, Dara provides best rehabilitation for alcoholics and drug addicts. The clients are rested in 40 private villas surrounded by beautiful landscape and greenery.

Their integral part of recovery is releasing how to socialize and relax without drugs and alcohol. They include a social, physical, spiritual and psychological method of treatment.

They also execute the treatment with a customized plan specific to the individual. It has a four, eight and 12 weeks programs. The cost is US $ 9,995 for four weeks.


Founded in 2001, passages are situated in Malibu, California with a program on one-on-one therapy. It was co-founded by Chris and Pax Prentiss who fought a 10-year addiction to cocaine, alcohol and heroin.

They do not encourage group meetings and refrain from treating addiction as a disease. To ensure their one-on-one therapy they accommodate only 12 clients at a time.

The priory:

It is one of the best and leading rehabilitation centers in Europe. The Priory is located in Roehampton, England. The group treats 70 various conditions out of which drug addiction is one.

It begins with a well-tailored plan for the individual and later an aftercare and family support plan is provided in order to avoid relapse and also for the family to be detailed about the addiction.

Kripa Foundation:

It is the largest non-government organization in India, affiliated to the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. In Sanskrit the word Kripa means, ‘Grace.’

It works for those afflicted with HIV infection and chemical dependency and covers over 12 states of the country including Maharashtra, Nagaland, Gujarat, Karnataka, Goa, West Bengal, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi and Rajasthan, Kripa foundation conducts awareness programs and has rehabilitation center too.


This organization collaborates with the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and international Labor Organization, Norway.

It has taken up projects like ‘Mobilizing Small Business to prevent Substance Abuse,’ which is implemented successfully in 12 industries at Noida, in the outskirts of New Delhi.

The objective of the organization is to prevent drug usage at the workplace. Navjyothi has regular awareness programs for drug and alcohol prevention at Yamun Pushta, where one of the largest slum areas in Delhi is located.

While spreading awareness is one of their major concerns, they also aim to kill the myths and false notions of drug and alcohol addiction.

Nishan Foundation:

Nishan Foundation in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, is one of the best rehabilitation centers in the world. It follows a bio-social-psycho-physical-spiritual plan and includes the 12 step program, which recognizes addiction as a disease.

It helps addicts not only to stop the habit of drug usage but also prevent relapsing and recover their life by staying clean from all hazardous habits.

Caron Foundation:

A non-profit organization for alcohol and drug addiction treatment, Caron is located in Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas.

It is affiliated to the University of Pennsylvania and known to be one of the oldest and largest rehabilitation centers with 60 years of experience.

Its motto is to initiate help for all age groups and the families of the individual. They follow the 12 steps tradition and have gender separate rehabilitation.

Cirque Lodge:

Located in Sundance and Provo Canyon, Utah, it is a nationally and internationally approved addiction of alcohol and drugs.

Cirque Lodge commits to restore the individual body, spirit and mind. Its mountains, aspens and pines and beautiful areas make it a perfect place to willingly participate in the treatment.

They incorporate the 12 steps program and demand hard work and willingness to bring in changes.

Society of Promotion of Youth and Masses (SPYM):

Established in 1986, this is an organization working for drugs, HIV-Aids, juveniles and for the society. They work on two projects for drug addiction: drop-I centers and de-addiction cum rehabilitation centers for substance abusers.

For the drop-in economic centers they provide quality addicting services like creating awareness about needle exchange, counseling and follow-up visits to drug users, medical services, etc.

Drug Abuse Information Rehabilitation and Research Center (DAIRRC):

DAIRRC is a registered charitable trust since 1982. It is actively involved in drug demand reduction strategies.

While it manages the rehabilitation center, it also executes drug prevention campaigns which include slum intervention programs for drug abuse, drug resistance education, drug research in India and drug awareness programs targeted at school children.

Red Cross Society, District Branch, Faridkot:

The drug awareness counselings and assistance center was started in 1992 with grant-in-aid from the ministry of social Justice and Empowerment.

Its main objectives are to create awareness among the public regarding the side effects of drug abuse by organizing various programs like seminars, songs and skits, rallies, camps, exhibitions and educational competitions. Other objectives are to motivate drug abusers towards de-addiction, provide treatment and so on.

These are just some well-known and best rehabilitation centers: there are many committed centers in and around every country and locality.

Therefore, if you or any of your close ones are suffering from such addictions and are seeking help, these programs can help make the journey to stay clean and healthy easier.

Drug Treatment Centers

Refuse to be an Addict:

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Addiction can be cured if we first believe in a cure. There are certain conditions which trigger dependency and curing these causes is of prime importance.

Dependence or addiction is prompted by our personal philosophy of life and in what we believe in, or assume to be true. Therefore, adopting a realistic view point about yourself and the world you inhabit is one of the major steps you can take towards recovery.

Control Damaging Thoughts:

We all have preconceived notions about everything and an opinion about all things that relate to us. We sometimes also believe that everything we do is in our won interest until something comes along and shatters that belief.

This is what happens when we turn to drugs or alcohol. We are under the wrong impression that it will benefit s and will provide us with what we are seeking – bliss.

Although it may be true that there will be short=lived relief and euphoria, the reality of the situation escapes us, and that is, the long term effects of addiction makes us pay an enormous price of many health related complications and also at times, death. And maybe, by the time we realize what the truth is, it’s too late.

Decide to Change:

Once you engage yourself in a particular act, you will get the same rewards and the process will continue. But if your addiction is still making you dissatisfied then it’s probably time to quit.

Believe it can be done:

Beware that you are not affected by the age-old famous negative ideas that addiction cannot be cured. Also, remember a relapse is not part of your recovery program so don’t treat it as such.

The best thing to consider is that you have to believe that your recovery and cure is possible and know that it can be done. So, it is up to you to make up your mind and strive towards your goal of being addiction-free.

Towards Healing:

Addiction to any substance, alcohol or behavior by itself is not a problem, but more of a symptom. When the causes that are driving a person towards addiction is known and cured, the addiction for drugs or alcohol totally vanishes.

Basically, it is all in the mind. The mind controls you and your actions. When you believe you can be cured, you start to put in energy in your efforts to cure yourself.

However, if you feel your hard work will go in vain and you will remain in the same condition, you won’t even bother to initiate your curing process.

If proper support and care is given, a relapse during the recovery period is not normal, so be hard on yourself and don’t allow yourself to think that it is commonplace, because it is not.

Take on Life:

Everybody’s journey in life is different. We all have to deal with different kinds of difficulties, rejections and obstacles and just how we cope with all these, determines how happy we can be in life.

The manner in which we react to a particular event is entirely our decision. We can either view ourselves as victims or search for something positive in negative occurrences.

Adopting the philosophy that all will be well in the end is a good way to go about things. About, seeing the big picture and believing that you will benefit from the ‘negative’ experience is a sure shot attitude to garner success and happiness in life.

The power to perceive something as good or bad lies with you as life is full of events and episodes that are times may overwhelm.

However, it’s important to strengthen your mind and keep going forward in good faith. An attitude like this is bound to tide you over all stresses and difficulties you may face.

When dealing with people who are struggling with addiction, the most important thing would be to establish a sense of responsibility for their own lives and to show them better options, otherwise, you will not get them off alcohol and drugs as addiction is the biggest experience is their lives.

You have to show them something better. And if you teach people a way to experience something better than what they have known so far, they will find the strength to give up their addictions.

Recent research into the human brain has yielded some incredible result. An Israeli scientist spent several years researching certain aspects of the human brain and he found there are millions of cannabis receptors in the brain.

Then neurologists discovered that at different times of the day, if you closely observe the system and what happens with the brain chemistry, the body develops its own cannabis which satisfy the receptors in the brain.

If a person is in a certain state of bliss or ecstasy, these chemicals are produced, which the brain is waiting for you to be blissful – millions of cannabis receptors are waiting, not for you to smoke or drink or do drugs, but for you to become ecstatic.

Though there may be many cultural, social, financial and educational factors responsible for the serious world-wide problem known as drug abuse and addiction, but to a large extent.

Professional stress, unhealthy family atmosphere, unemployment, peer pressure, western influence and illiteracy are the topmost and most common influences that encourage this social evil to prevail.

SOURCE: B-Positive Health Magazine

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