What is Body Polishing and How It Works?

As suggested by the name itself, body polishing refers to intense cleaning of the body, following several professional steps like, cleansing, toning, moisturizing, massaging, relaxing and polishing of the skin.

The process makes use of special products like body cream, body balm, body salt, exfoliating scrub and much more.

Use of Incredible Ingredients:

Firstly, the exfoliating scrub removes all the dead skin cells, revealing an all new, fresh and younger looking skin which breathes and glows with health.

The scrub, mostly a concoction made with natural agents such as fruits seeds, fruit essential oils and oatmeal, helps in lightening the skin with time.

However, this procedure also involves using the scrub according to your specific sin needs/woes. For example, glycerin or honey for dehydrated skin, orange oil or juice for tanning, chocolate for smoothening, aromatic oils for relaxation and other assorted range of oils are used for scars and other medicinal usage.

What is Body Polishing

The Pleasure Process:

The therapy begins with cleaning the body in a usual way, with soap and water, next, a scrub, which is slightly more granular than the regular face scrub, is applied over the whole body for an intense cleansing process.

The process continues with massaging the skin in a circular motion and then it is left as it is, for 10 minutes. Scrubbing removes all the dead skin cells as well as a tan. The scrub is removed with cotton soaked in milk along with a simultaneous massage.

After this, the body is given a steam with the help of streamer to deep-cleanse the skin pores by opening it. The cleaned skin is then massaged with oil or cream to smoothen the skin texture and relax the senses.

Adequate pressure is also put on respective pressure points to further stimulate the nerves. Now that all the skin ores have been opened due to the thorough session of cleansing and massaging a drying body pack is applied and the whole body is wrapped with hot towels.

After it dries, it is rinse off with cool water. In conclusion, a special type of shiner is slathered on, for infusing a unique sheen over the body.

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How It Works:

Body polishing facilitates the removal of the entire dead skin layer of the skin as well as the tan, giving you a smooth, soft and glowing body. The massage involved in this process relaxes the nerves as well as the senses and one feels stress free and peaceful.

Body polishing also evens out the skin tone resulting in a cleaned and shiny body. The added perks of this therapy lies in it being a completely natural treatment, without any side effects.

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