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10 Common Fitness Blunders to Avoid

Fitness Blunders

Mind-Body fitness is a state associated with improved muscular strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination and most important, improved mental development and self-efficacy. Regular participation in exercise is one means of improving mind-body fitness and when executed properly, the different forms of exercise can take the qualities of mind and cultivate them internally so that the person’s powers of self-observation are ... Read More »

Child’s Emotional Health: Four Things Every Parent Must Know

Child’s Emotional Health

Most parents stated that any teenager can develop a mental health problem. But nearly two-thirds of these parents didn’t think their child was likely to experience one. This article helps parents understand the emotional challenges their students face — and take action to support and encourage healthy and productive college years. It’s very likely that all college-age students will deal ... Read More »

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