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Wisdom Tooth Removal Recovery Timeline

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The recovery time after having wisdom teeth removed or after any dental extraction will vary. The factors that must be considered are those relating to the tooth and those relating to the patient. People differ in their response to trauma. An injury that may cause a small amount of bruising and discomfort in one individual can result in dramatic pain ... Read More »

What is an OAF (Oral Antral Fistula)?

Oral Antral Fistula

Your cheekbone is hollow and the cavity in your cheek bone is connected by a small opening to your nose. If your finger was small enough, you could pass your finger up your nose and at the height of your nasal cavity if your finger turned 90 degrees out towards your cheek it would pass through a small opening and ... Read More »

Tips: How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and White

Tips for Healthy Teeth

When we talk about cavities or gum disease, we generally think of little kids or even the elderly. But as they grow up, cavities, braces or bad breath are a few new problems that teenagers are grappling with nowadays. They have a busy schedule and tend to have different kinds of food habits, so good oral hygiene habits definitely lag ... Read More »

10 Amazing Dental Facts You Thought Were True

Dental Fact

I am sure that you will agree to the pact that dental problems can be as severe as any other medial ailments. What I am not too sure about is whether you know that any infection inside your mouth can compromise your entire immune system. In fact, failure to seek routine dental care can result in missed opportunities essential to ... Read More »

Modern Root Canal Treatment Truly Painless

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is a treatment to save a severely damaged or an infected tooth instead of extracting it. Earlier, root canal treatments were painful and were synonymous with pain. Now with local anesthetics and modern dentistry, most people have slight pain, if at all pain is caused with a root canal treatment. In fact, an infected tooth or ... Read More »

Balanced Diet to Prevent Cavities and Tooth Decay

Diet to Prevent Tooth Decay

Diet plays an important role in dental health. Proper nutrition from pregnancy to breastfeeding in infancy, a balanced diet throughout childhood and adulthood is as good for the teeth as it is for good health. Effective ways to prevent cavities include brushing, flossing and regular dental visit; but a balanced diet is also very necessary for oral health and hygiene. ... Read More »

Natural and Effective Home Remedies for Tooth Sensitivity

Teeth Sensitivity Home Remdies

Do you feel a sharp shooting pain in your tooth every time you eat or drink something or even breathing in cold air then you are suffering from tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is a very discomforting condition. There are various factors which contribute to teeth sensitivity regularly using of hard bristled toothbrushes and brushing aggressively can erode the enamel which ... Read More »

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