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How Do You Treat Cholera Disease

Cholera Disease

Cholera is caused by specific germs taken into the body by way of the mouth. If this fact is understood, a person can live in a community where cholera is raging, yet avoid contracting the disease. Bowel discharges of people sick with cholera teem with cholera germs. If these discharges are thrown out without first boiling or thoroughly disinfecting them, ... Read More »

Causes, Symptoms and Prevention of Blackwater Fever

Blackwater Fever

Black Water fever is a serious complication of malaria. It occurs almost exclusively in falciparum malaria, the most serious type of the disease. It is called blackwater fever because dark-colored urine is a prominent sign of this complication. It is characterized by severe blood damage, and large amounts of al-bumin and hemoglobin are lost through the kidneys. The decomposed hemoglobin ... Read More »

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