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The Adverse Effects of Substances Abuse on Kidney

Effects of Substances Abuse on Kidney

The development stages of mankind include the Bronze Age and then the Iron Age. We are now in the ‘Stoned Age’. The first recorded instance of recreational drugs use was in the 3rd century B.C – many traders smoked opium and Aztecs chewed hallucinogenic mushrooms. In the past 30 years, the number of people using recreational drugs has skyrocketed. The ... Read More »

Circuit Training Workouts – Burn More Calories in Less Time

Circuit Training Workouts

Looking to switch things up for a more effective strength exercise? Circuit training is an alternative to your traditional workout. In today’s world, people feel busier and more stressed than ever, and lack of time is most commonly cited as a barrier to exercise. Circuit training provides an effective option that breaks this barrier and yields significant advantages. Circuit training ... Read More »

Treatment & Management for Stomach Ulcer (Peptic Ulcer)

Stomach Ulcer Treatments

Different types of drugs are employed in the management of peptic ulcer. The different groups of drugs each play a specific role in the healing of the ulcer or in helping to reduce the secretion of gastric juices. Diet control and surgery can also be involved depending on the type and stage of the ulcer. Some of the drugs for ... Read More »

Home Remedies to Treat Epilepsy

Home Remedies for Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder that affects 1 to 2 percent of the population. The people affected have recurring and spontaneous seizures. There are different types of seizures but they are always because of bursts of electrical activity in the brain. Epilepsy can be caused by severe head injury, stroke, birth trauma, brain tumor, toxins, brain infection, brain diseases, ... Read More »

Joint Replacement Surgery: Knee, Hip and Shoulder Replacement

Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement involves replacing a damaged joint with an artificial joint. Joint replacements were once only offered to older people with severe arthritis of the hip or knee. Now they are increasingly performed on younger people if there is a need. This is largely due to advances in materials being used to build artificial joints, making them longer-lasting, as well ... Read More »

Monsoon Tips: A Complete Guide to Stay Healthy this Monsoon

Monsoon Health Tips

After a sweltering summer, the rain showers bring a much needed respite for which we all are waiting desperately. However, the random & inconsistent monsoon downpour and typhoons also brings with it humid weather, flooded roads, mosquitoes and diseases. It can be a period of great hopes and of greater despair as it welcomes a multitude of health problems, so ... Read More »

What is High BP (Hypertension) Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

What is Hypertension

Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure your blood exerts against your blood vessel walls as your heart pumps. BP rises with each heartbeat and falls when the heart relaxes between beats, but there is always a certain amount of pressure in the arteries. That blood pressure comes from two physical forces. The heart creates one force as it pumps blood ... Read More »

What is Typhus Fever? (Epidemic, Endemic, Flea, Scrub Typhus)

Typhus Fever

Typhus fever, characterized by pink spots on the skin, is caused by organisms transmitted by body lice. Several disease are grouped together under the general name “typhus fevers,” because of the similarity of organisms causing them and the fact that these organisms are transmitted by the bites of lice, fleas, ticks, or mites. Epidemic Typhus: The germs of typhus fever ... Read More »

5 Best Calf Exercises for Men and Women

Calf Exercises

In a country like India where men are obsessed with bigger arms and chest (no matter how putrid the rest of the body looks), the importance of a strong and muscular lower body has been largely undermined. It is not uncommon to see guys with flat hips and chicken legs wearing tight t-shirts to show off their biceps and chest. ... Read More »

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