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Ovarian Cysts: Symptoms, Treatment, Types, Diagnosis, Surgery

Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts are commonly found in women of any age group and it simply means enlargement of ovaries. The ovaries are two important female reproductive system located on either side of a woman’s uterus. These are the organs that produce eggs during the woman’s reproductive period. An ovarian cyst can be a source of problem and it is best to ... Read More »

Food Poisoning Causes, Symptoms, Risk and Treatment

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning happens when you have food or water that is contaminated with parasites, bacteria, or toxins produced by these germs. Staphylococcus and E. coli are the common bacteria that cause food poisoning. Food poisoning can affect anyone and everyone who eats contaminated food. Food can be contaminated in many ways. Food Poisoning Causes: • Food prepared unhygienically at restaurants ... Read More »

Healthy Life Lessons for Your Kids

Health Lessons for Kids

These basic healthy, nutrition, fitness and happiness 101s are easy to impart to your family. We bet your kids are already familiar with some of these lessons, but now is a good time to make sure they know them all. In fact, you’ve probably ingrained most of them already. But it never hurts to reflect on how well your kids ... Read More »

How Does Stress Affect Your Fertility? What Can You Do?

Stress and Fertility

Infertility is on the rise, both amongst men and women. It is estimated that 10-15% of the Indian population is infertile. Worse, even young couple (aged between 21 and 30) may face difficulties conceiving naturally. Many factors seem to be at play. Poor lifestyle habits contribute to poor health including reproductive health. Add to it the trend of late marriages ... Read More »

Neck Pain Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Neck Pain

Neck, the slender structure that holds together the head and the rest of the human body has had a sorry turn with the advent of new-age occupations. Be you the much feted software professional or the economically rising call center executive, your job is often the story of being seated at a desk fixated on a computer screen for odd ... Read More »

Dandruff Myth and Fact: Dealing with Dandruff in Teenagers

Dandruff in Teenagers

Dandruff is a very common condition, during the teenage years. It occurs due to increased or altered sebaceous glands secretion along with an exaggerated inflammatory response in susceptible individuals, resulting in whitish dry or greasy flakes on the scalp with or without itching. This could just be limited to the teenage years or early or early adulthood and gradually settles ... Read More »

Foods and Home Remedies to Unclog Arteries Naturally

Home Remedies to Unclog Arteries

When we age, our artery walls may become weakened. Coronary heart disease happens due to fatty deposits, cholesterol and other materials form plaque which builds in weakened areas of the artery walls. This plaque can often harden and thicken, causing calcium deposits which lead to symptoms of blocked arteries due to restricted blood flow to the heart. The medical name ... Read More »

Sinus Infection Causes, Symptoms, Types and Treatment

Sinus Infection

Sinus infection is the swelling of the mucosal lining of our nose. It’s symptoms are very similar with that of common colds which is a reason why a lot of people do not know that they are already experiencing sinus infection until it has become a long-term condition. Our sinuses are normally hollow and contains only air. But when it ... Read More »

Importance of Regular Medical/Health Checkup

Importance of Health Checkup

Following a health check, you come to know that you have been diagnosed with an ailment. You are shocked, upset, and angry. But with time you do come around to accepting that there is a problem to be dealt with. What follows this acceptance? What form of treatment other than medical do you need to make permanent changes? Along with ... Read More »

Home Remedies for Knee Pain

Home Remedies for Knee Pain

As time passes, many people do not know the amount of things that our body goes through. Do you know that getting up from a sitting position could be a bone wrenching experience? When knee and joint pains are ignored over a period of time, it can impair your life to a great extent. Immediate attention can clear this problem ... Read More »

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