Circuit Training Workouts – Burn More Calories in Less Time

Looking to switch things up for a more effective strength exercise? Circuit training is an alternative to your traditional workout. In today’s world, people feel busier and more stressed than ever, and lack of time is most commonly cited as a barrier to exercise. Circuit training provides an effective option that breaks this barrier and yields significant advantages.

Circuit training workout session keeps constantly in motion alternating between exercises with very short breaks. Approximately 6- 10 exercises are structured in a particular sequence or circuit. Every exercise has to be repeated for a specific number of times before moving onto the next exercise. Once all the exercises are performed the entire sequence is repeated from the start. This is a repetition of the circuit is continued for a set time limit or for a specific number of times.

The minimal breaks separating exercises is to prevent a drop in the heart rate. The breaks are generally longer by a few seconds between circuits. Such circuit training workout programs can be undertaken individually or by groups of persons. There are different types of circuit programs based on the combination of exercises. They include strength circuits, Cardio circuits, strength and Cardio circuits and sports specific circuits. If you are looking to get in shape fast circuit training classes are a great way to do it.

Unlike other workout programs that target specific body muscles or enhance certain factors, circuit training exercises build strength, resistance and improve mobility simultaneously. These workout Programs are shorter in duration and can help those who want to work out and tone their bodies but, do not have the time to do so. They are usually completed in 20-30 minutes. However, Circuit training programs are as beneficial as the other longer programs you perform at the gym.

For sure, every person would love to enjoy sumptuous food laid on the table. Somehow every person also loves to shed their excess fats in the body. Bulging tummy and fatty limbs are not so-good, so the best solution is to:

  • Get the proper diet for obesity and weight loss
  • Perform daily exercise to burn the excess calories

As for the exercise, one of the most recommended is the circuit training workouts. It is a form of exercise that entails the performance of intensified aerobics as well training workout to enhance endurance and resistance. The term ‘circuit’ refers to a series of work-out for the different parts of the body. Circuit training workouts sound good to those who want to keep their body in tiptop shape.

Circuit Training Workouts

What types of exercises are in a circuit?

A circuit may include just strength training exercises or may alternate between weight training machines and cardio endurance stations. So it could be:

• Cardio and strength body weight exercises
• Exercises using free weights
• Exercises using weight machines at a gym

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How many exercises should be in a circuit?

Here’s a general rule: the total number of exercises multiplied by the number of times you repeat the circuit should equal. For example, if you have 4 exercises in your circuit, you should do the entire circuit 3 times. This helps make the workout more effective.

Try this circuit:

a) 1 set of 10 pushups

b) 3 minutes on the treadmill

c) 1 set of 5 shoulder presses with dumbbells

d) 1 minute of jumping rope

Circuit training workouts have the advantages and disadvantages too:

• Provides a total exercise program for the whole body.
• Does not require expensive exercise equipment.
• Can be done in groups, with the more experienced ones helping those beginners and with the supervision of the fitness instructor.
• Can be customized according to your preference.

•This work-out targets weight loss through fat burning. This is not the kind of work-out for those who are building weight through muscle toning.
• As this work-out is typically done with groups, and there is tendency that there might be some who cannot go along with the routines and may also not be able to execute the exercise properly.

Circuit training workout will help clients burn more calories in less time. This programme is ideal for those who are time-crunched, want to lose weight, or just starting to incorporate strength equipment into their conditioning programes. This workout combines cardiovascular exercise with resistance. The goal of the workout is not to maximize strength gains or cardiovascular fitness, but rather to build strength and burn calories in an efficient manner. This is a total body workout that focuses on the major muscle groups.

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