Is Coloring Hair during Pregnancy or Breast Feeding is SAFE

Hair has always been considered one of the main ornaments of a woman. They were curled, scratched, painted, braided, decorated with precious stones, feathers, pearls, sprinkled with powder, etc.

In the modern world, everything has become much simpler: practical haircuts, innovative technologies used in cosmetology, greatly facilitated the process of hair care. In the hairdresser’s art, a variety of methods and methods for their coloring are used.

More recently, many women have learned, what hair coloring is and are actively taking advantage of this method. Hair is still the most important beauty part of a women’s image, with which you can emphasize the beauty of the face or even hide the flaws of the figure because for most men well-groomed hair is a very powerful argument when choosing a partner.

Coloring hair provides an excellent opportunity for any woman to experiment on their image and find the one that will make it stylish, unique, and desirable. The choice of colors and dyes can be completely different, from the lightest tones to the saturated dark ones.

The technique of staining depends on the wishes of the client, the shape of the haircut, and the idea of ​​the stylist: at the peak of fashion, the toning of the tips of the hair, the selection of bangs or individual strands, etc.

For those who are not yet ready for radical changes in appearance, the master can use the means for toning the hair, which in a couple of weeks will wash away.

Coloring Hair during Pregnancy

Coloring your hair during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:

Is coloring hair during pregnancy or breastfeeding is SAFE for my child? These questions circulate into the minds of expected mothers.

There are conflicting reports & views about this question. No evidence available to reply to this question but one of the studies suggest that babies could develop cancer neuro-blastoma.

There is always a possibility that toxic chemicals used in hair dyes may cause birth defects to the baby as during coloring, the chemicals stay on the scalp for long 20 to 30 minutes and have chances to get absorbed into the skin, eventually to blood.

There is a specific advisory for coloring in this period i.e. avoid coloring with chemicals during the pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Always wear gloves while coloring to avoid its absorption through hands and the use of natural hair colors like henna or henna with herbs is considered to be safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It’s best to use vegetable dyes like Henna during these days or look for vegetable alternatives.

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It’s also found that during pregnancy there is a misbalance in hormones & some women have faster hair growth whereas few loose hairs.

‘Indus Valley’ 100% Botanical organic hair color launched in Holland in 2006 & now available in other parts of the world including India, colors naturally with herbs like Chamomile, Henna, Indigo, and manjistha.

The color fades gradually and no white roots are visible. Further herbs like Cassia, Chamomile & Fenugreek helps in the prevention of premature graying and locking the color in the hair shaft so that color stays longer. The best part is the quality natural herbs like Amla, Cassia, Chamomile & Brahmi which prevent hair fall & helps in reducing split ends.

Indus valley 100% Botanical Hair Color is a hypoallergenic color with guaranteed 100 % premium Certified Organic herbs ‘without a trace of chemical whatsoever’ and works excellently for pregnant and lactating women. The price of Indus Valley 10 % Botanical hair Color is affordable & available with the best dermatologists/doctors.

My advice is that once again get assured about the ingredients written on the box, some of the hair dyes showing natural but are full of harmful chemicals like PPD, Ammonia, or Barium Peroxide.

Para Phenylene Diamine (PPD)


  • Asthma
  • Skin irritation
  • Breathing Difficulties

Barium or Heavy Metal

  • Irritant to eyes
  • Irritant to skin
  • Dangerous for Environment

Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Corrosive
  • Weaken Hair
  • Toxic effects on Nervous System
SOURCE: B-Positive Health Magazine

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