10 Amazing Dental Facts You Thought Were True

I am sure that you will agree to the pact that dental problems can be as severe as any other medial ailments. What I am not too sure about is whether you know that any infection inside your mouth can compromise your entire immune system.

In fact, failure to seek routine dental care can result in missed opportunities essential to diagnose oral cancer at its earliest, and most treatable, stages.

Dental Fact

Here are some misconceptions that need to be done away with, so that you can make your set of 32 pearls sparkle.

1. Dentists are scary; dental sessions are painful:

Not anymore. With advances in science and technology, dentistry is almost painless today. For instance, computer-controlled anesthetic agent delivery systems control the pressure of solution inside tissues while injecting. Aesthetically done-up interiors at dental clinics also make patients free comfortable.

2. Cleaning or scaling teeth loosen them:

Some of us are just too lazy and negligent to care. This often results in plaque and calculus accumulation, and during scaling a dentist remove the calcified deposits from the teeth and not the enamel. If there is any loosening, then it is because of calculus deposition and not scaling. On the contrary, scaling prevents further aggravation of the diseases.

3. Expensive toothpastes are always good:

What matter are the ingredients your teeth need. Different people have different requirements from toothpaste. You may need desensitization, someone else may need re-mineralization, and a third person may need whitening.

4. Milk teeth do not need attention since they are replaced by permanent teeth:

Fact is that milk teeth are extremely important in helping a child speak, and develop self-esteem. In fact, they are the ‘blueprint’ for permanent teeth.

5. Hard bristled toothbrushes clean and whiten teeth faster and better:

The type of bristles that must be used depends on one’s oral health. For a normal person with regular usage, medium to soft bristles with round edges are usually recommended. In fact, hard bristles tend to abrade enamel, and cause soft tissue laceration.

6. Using toothpicks widens the gaps between teeth:

Toothpicks only remove lodged food particles from between teeth. It has no relation with widening of space between two teeth.

7. Chocolates cause tooth decay:

It is not the chocolate that is to blame. It is the amount of time the chocolate remains in contact with the tooth surface. Rinse your mouth and teeth thoroughly after each chocolate-eating session.

8. Tooth extraction harms the eyes:

There is absolutely no relation between eyesight and tooth extraction carried out under correct surgical procedures.

9. Rubbing with salt or sodium bicarbonate whitens teeth:

This practice is very harmful since these substances are strong abrasives, and cause the outer layer enamel to abrade. This may cause hypersensitivity, and microscopic surface irregularities with accumulation of more plaque on tooth, resulting in decay.

10. Chewing sugar-free gums can replace brushing:

Sugar free gums only help to partially clean the teeth by increasing the saliva flow inside the mouth. The resultant muscular movement, pH normalization, and re-mineralization are not enough to dislodge food particles stuck between teeth or hard-to-reach areas.

SOURCE: B-Positive Health Magazine

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