Hip Flexor Exercises: 8 Effective Ways to Increase Flexibility of Your Hips

A set of rounded hips is anybody’s envy. The better part is that you can have a set of your own and the best part is that you don’t need implants to get them. Stretching your hips has priority and takes precedence over other parts of your body.

Flexibility start at the hips. This is a proven fact that some exercise works great for building a nice body. So, if you want to make your buttocks and hips bigger, then you must go for the right exercises.

Have you ever thought why nature has given us two separate pieces of flesh behind our back? This is because gravity is constantly acting on our bodies and pushing us down and we need something to decelerate or stop us from falling.

This work is done by the hips. Hips are the largest muscles in the body and consist primarily of fast twitch fibers, which make them difficult to get fatigued.

Strength and Mobility:

Over 80% of the people get back pain due to tightness and stiffness in hips. Getting an Anterior circulate ligament injury in your knee is common in games like football, badminton, tennis, squash, basketball etc, because your knees cannot decelerate, which is due to lack of mobility in the hips.

Remember, to build a good butt need two things – strength and mobility. Continuous sitting for long hours is one of the most common reasons for tightness and lack of mobility in the hips.

The Exercise:

Stand in a stance shoulder width apart. Now take your right leg forward and bend it as if going in a squat position. Slowly turn your entire body with pelvis (hips) towards the right leg and go up and down.

After some time, turn the entire body and pelvis on to the other side i.e. left and try going up and down, you will be much weaker this time, because the support of the hips has been removed.

The same thing happens during much sport when your leg moves suddenly in a lateral direction; your hips being tight willed not come into play to decelerate the knee and you get an injury.

Focus On the Gluts:

Sprinters have a common problem of hamstring pulls during a race or practice. This is because, when you spring with both glues, the hamstring assists you in propelling the body forward.

But if the glues lack the strength and mobility, the hamstring will have to overwork to compensate for the hips, which leads to injury.

I know the major focus is on building size, not strength and mobility. But, you can’t get the former if you don’t have the latter. Whether to look attractive or to prevent an injury, all you need is a strong and smart set of hips. The following exercises are few of the best exercises to build size, strength and mobility.

8 Exercises to Make Your Hips Flexible

1. Barbell Squats – This the most functional exercise in the world. A heavy set of barbell squats will put pressure on the entire body including butts. While doing a squat, go heavy and go slow, hold at the bottom position for 2 seconds and then come up. At the bottom position, give your hips a good stretch.

Barbell Squats Execise

Barbell Squats

2. Goblet Squats – This is one of the most powerful exercises to build size and mobility. During a goblet squat, you tend to go more down as compared to a normal squat. At the bottom position, give a 2 second hold and then come up.

Goblet Squats

Goblet Squats

3. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift – Single leg deadlift targets the hips more than normal dead lift. Dumbbells held at arms length, abs engaged to promote balance. Non working foot dorsiflexed and turned slightly in bend forward at the waist while keeping working leg relatively straight.

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Single Leg Romanian Dead lift

Single Leg Dead Lift

4. Hip Thrusts with Barbell: Barbell hip thrusts require lifting a weight while the trunk is supported on a bench and the feet are resting on the ground, this leads to strength gains in full hip extension.

Hip Thrusts

Hip Thrusts

5. Glute Bridge with Barbell: Glute Bridge likely involve fairly constant force production at all joint angles in the lift. Compared to common axial exercises, early strength gains will involve in coordination.

Glutei Bridge

Glutei Bridge

6. Bird Dog with Weight – Bird Dog is a very underrated but a very effective exercise that works the entire chain of back muscles, glutes and core. This exercise increases hypertrophy and flexibility of the hips. For weight use ankle weights.

Bird Dog with Weight

Bird Dog with Weight

7. Bulgarian Split Squat – Bulgarian Split Squat is a single leg squat with one leg on the bench. Go down fully to get maximum stretch. Stand with your back to a flat bench and extend one leg behind you on top of the bench laces down. Hold the end of a landmine bar in the hand opposite of your extended leg and shift your weight into your standing leg.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Bulgarian Split Squat

8. Dumbbell/Kettle Bell Swings: – Dumbbell swings a proven way to build mobility of the hips. Keep your shoulders back and your spine straight. Hinge at your hips and press your butt back until you feel a stretch in your hamstring. Engage your core during the swing to strengthen your abs, prevent your spine from rounding, and protect your lower back. Keep weight in heels through our exercise.

Dumbbell Swing

Dumbbell Swing

SOURCE: B-Positive Health Magazine

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