Home Remedies to Treat Goitre Naturally at Home

Before you can understand what goitre is, you must first understand a little bit about the body and the location of where goitre develops. There is a gland in the neck known as the thyroid gland which creates hormones that is then send out via the bloodstream to work on the growth of the body and the metabolism of the body. Metabolism is what turns all the food we eat into energy for our bodies. The gland is found at the front of the neck just below the larynx.

Goitre is swelling that occurs in the thyroid gland. Once the swelling begins it can cause the neck to swell. The cause in most cases is when the thyroid gland enlarges. Goitre is also referred to Derbyshire neck and is often brought on by an iodine deficiency which causes the thyroid gland to swell. This condition is seen more times in women than in men and can be deemed as diffuse or multi-nodular this means nothing more than goitre is not a cancerous condition that makes the goitre to become enlarged. If only a small portion of the thyroid is involved the condition is known as a thyroid nodule.

In some cases, goiter is nothing more than the overgrowth of the thyroid gland which causes no problems. Even a large goitre can be painless but may cause a cough or may make it hard to swallow or even breathe in some cases. If the lateral lobes are larger than the terminal phalanges of your thumb then a physician will exam you in to learn if you have goiter.

Home Remedies for Goitre

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Home Remedies for Goitre:

Flax Seeds: The anti inflammatory properties of flax seeds can be sued to cure the problem of goitre. It helps in reducing the swelling as well as the discomfort caused by the problem of goitre. All you need is to make a paste of flax seeds by grinding them. Add some water to it and apply the paste over and around your neck. Let the paste dry on your neck and wash off after 20 to 25 minutes.

Barley Water: Barley water can be very helpful in reducing the swelling caused by goitre. The phyto nutrients present in barley water plus the anti oxidants make a perfect combination to cure the problem. It is advisable to drink a glass of barley water daily in order to get relief from the symptoms of goitre.

Pine Apple: Pine apple is a very rich source of several vitamins and minerals which can be very helpful in treating coughing problem that is a direct result of goitre. Adding pine apple to your daily routine can be very beneficial in reducing the symptoms in a short time.

Garlic: You can use garlic to cure the problem of goitre. It stimulates the production of glutathione which regulates the proper functioning of thyroid gland. Regular consumption of garlic helps in preventing the problem of goitre.

Green Tea: Green tea can be very effective for the problem of goitre. First of all, it contains natural fluoride that helps in the proper functioning of thyroid gland and secondly, green tea is very rich in anti oxidants that help in reducing the symptoms of goitre.

Coconut Oil: The luaric acid of coconut oil converts to monolaurin inside your body. Monolaurin is known for its anti bacterial, anti viral and anti protozoan properties. These properties can be very helpful in treating the symptoms of goitre.

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