Grooming Tips for Men: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Looking Fresh and Healthy

Men have an ambivalent attitude towards skin care. I have a range of friends, from those who can be frightfully dismissive of anything to do with men’s personal health products.

Whatever your attitude towards this particular aspect of men’s health, there is no denying the fact that there are a few tips and tricks that all of us must use in this season to keep looking fresh and healthy.

Grooming Tips for Men

1. Moisturize:

Using a standard moisturizer for your hands, forearms and arms is a good way to keep your skin looking supple. Moisturizing also protects from unwanted outcomes of dry scaly skin.

Not only is dry skin an eyesore for you and others, it also causes the upper layer of the skin to peel away. So, to avoid that, buy a natural skin moisturizer and apply it every day.

Today, an array of moisturizing products is available, but it is wise to stick to the tried and tested formulations and companies, to ensure no reactions or skin irritations.

2. Face Wash:

Washing your face not only ensures that your look and feel great, it also keeps the skin healthy. If you have oily skin, face-washes specifically designed for this problem are readily available in the market and must be used at least twice a day.

Even if oily skin is not your main concern, the pollution and rigor of our daily lives take a toll on the face since it is exposed to the elements incessantly.

3. Facial Hair:

While the days of handle bar moustaches may be over, a lot of recent movies have made the hair-over-lip popular once again. A lot of men today prefer to keep beards while many prefer a ‘goatee’ to achieve that extra neat definition.

Whatever you look, taking care of facial hair often has a direct bearing on the skin underneath. Ensure you trim your moustaches and beards. Wash your face as often as possible to avoid any chances of debris collection or any skin infections.

4. Aftershaves and Lotions:

A skin care product that no man can do without keep aftershave bottles in stock your washroom cabinet, travel bag and at work. This ensures that one looks and feels fresh all day.

Many aftershaves also come in the form of lotions and are an excellent alternative to moisturizers, especially if you have dry skin. In winters, an aftershave lotion will keep your skin supple without compromising on the freshness or fragrance.

Stay away from the cheap stuff. There can be nothing worse than burning your skin. Invest in a good aftershave and this is one product you will not regret keeping, given its versatility and ease of use.

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5. Hair Gels and Hair Products:

Hair products are also an important part of any man’s accessories. No matter what your style, your hair will require some attention and care.

A dazzling array of organic hair care products is there in the market today and the trick is to stick to the basics and use a good hair gel for medium length hair and for longer locks ensures that you oil your hair to keep it in good health.

SOURCE: B-Positive Health Magazine

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