The Amazing Health Benefits of Figs (Anjeer)

Figs the seasonal fruits that belongs to the mulberry family is loaded with minerals, vitamins and fiber. Because of their high nutrient content, figs have several health benefits such as treating constipation, indigestion, cough, bronchitis, piles and asthma. Also its high calorie content makes if the perfect fruit to consume when one is trying to gain weight quickly especially after suffering from chronic illness.

The important vitamins present in the figs include vitamin A, B1 and B6. The minerals found in figs include calcium, iron, phosphorous, sodium, potassium and choline. Figs are also good source of manganese. Figs are anti-ageing fruit, and renew the cells with the minerals that it contains. It contains omega3 and omega6 fatty acids. Compared to other fruits figs is the only fruit which contains the highest fiber. It is the only fruit in the world, which multiples the nutritional value by 4 times when it became dry.

Health Benefits of Figs

The Health Benefits of Figs

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The Health Benefits of Figs:

Prevent Constipation: Figs have a high fiber content especially, soluble fibre. Every three servings of figs have approximately five grams of fiber. This helps promote regular bowl movement and prevents constipation. Figs are one of the most popular home remedy for treating chronic constipation. Its not aids constipation but also very helpful in fighting respiratory ailments.

Lower Bad Cholesterol Level: The soluble fibre pectin, that is present in figs helps bind and eliminate LDL cholesterol from the body. It not only reduce cholesterol, also reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Prevents Heart Diseases: Figs contain both omega3 and omega6 fatty acids that help prevent the risk of CHD (coronary heart disease). Daily use of figs can lower trglyceride levels within the blood. Trglyceride are the main type of fats (they are also referred to as ugly fat cells) that go around in the blood. Higher trglyceride levels within the blood can give rise to obesity and lots of heart problems. Regular consumption of figs helps lower triglycerides levels as well as preventing dyslipidmia.

Weight Loss: Figs are full of dietary fibres, works well for weight management. Therefore, they are perfect option for people who want to lose weight. A high fibre diet helps you to slow down the digestion and cuts your hunger. The high fiber content present in figs helps in weight loss and it is often recommended for people who are overweight or obese.

Weight Gain: Its high calorie count helps one gain weight, especially when combined with milk. It supplies adequate nutrients to body and maintains proper hormonal balance. This in turn reduces the occurrence of loss of weight due to testosterone deficiency. It improves digestion process and enhances your muscle strength.

Laxative Effect: The fibre in figs especially pectin, helps in maintaining gut health by regulating bowel movements thereby preventing constipation.

Menopause: Research indicates that regular consumption of figs helps in reducing the chance of post-menopausal breast cancer by approximately 34 percent. Figs protect people from breast cancer and helps maintain hormonal balance in woman after menopause. The fruit is also rich in antioxidants and hence helps in improving immunity and protect against cancers.

Bone Health: Figs are rich in calcium which is the most important mineral required for bones. It helps prevent osteoporosis and also has high amounts of potassium that helps in bone formation. It also helps to overcome damage caused to any bones by helping in the repair process. Figs also helps compensate the urinary calcium loss which occurs due to consumption of large amount of sodium and prevents further loss of calcium through the urine.

Good for Hypertension: Figs are rich in potassium, and minerals that can help to control hypertension and low in sodium which makes it the perfect defence against hypertension. Moreover, figs have a relaxing effect on the brain.

Diabetes Management: The high fibre content in figs helps in controlling diabetes. It increases insulin sensitivity and helps maintain a medium glycemic index. Figs have anti-diabetic properties to help you to lower your blood sugar level. Figs leaves reduce the amount of insulin needed by diabetic patients who have to take insulin injection.

Fights Respiratory Ailments: The leaves of the fruit have components that help in treating various respiratory ailments like bronchitis and help prevent and lessen symptoms of diseases such as asthma. Figs are very helpful in so many respiratory diseases including whooping cough, shorness of breath and asthma. The nutrients contains in a figs will quickly enter the bloodstream to help support the respiratory system, increase immunity and prevent asthma attacks.

Cures Sexual Dysfunction: For centuries, figs have been known to correct sexual dysfunctions like endurance, sterility or erectile dysfunction and referred to as a powerful fertility supplement. For centuries, figs have been recommended as a way to treat many sexual dysfunction. Figs have a huge amount of vitamins and minerals which provide relief from sexual dysfunction.

Protect from Macular Degeneration: Loss of vision in older people is normally due to macular degeneration. Regular consumption of figs can help prevent macular degeneration. Since it is loaded with minerals, like zinc, manganese, magnesium, and iron figs help prevent eyes conditions like macular degeneration.

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