Amazing Health and Cosmetic Benefits of Lemon

The lemon comes with numerous health and cosmetic benefits. Ancient Egyptians ate and drank lemon juice to rid themselves of poison.

The two very common and known benefits of lemon are that it aids in weight loss and builds immunity through antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Health Benefits of Lemon

Lemon and Dietary Facts:

• Lemons are rich in nutritional elements such as vitamins B, C (which helps prevent scrubby and strengthens the bones), phosphorous, proteins and carbohydrates.

• It is rich in flavoniods that have anti-cancer and antioxidant properties.

• It is rich in dietary fiber and does not contain saturated fats.

• It also has a considerable amount of vitamin A, which is good for the skin and the eye.

• Lemons are also high in minerals such as potassium, copper and iron. Potassium is essential for controlling heart rate and blood pressure.

Lemon for Health:

• Lemons strengthen blood vessels and prevent internal hemorrhage thereby preventing high blood pressure.

• Lemons have been used in the treatment of gout and rheumatism. Lemon juice works as a diuretic and provides relief in kidney and bladder disorders.

• Aids in digestion and offers relief from heartburn, belching and bloating. A few drops of lemon juice in hot water are said to purity the liver and cure indigestion.

• It also boosts metabolism thereby controlling diarrhea and constipation.

• Lemons skin is known to cure headaches when it is sun-dried ground and applied to the hair.

• Lemon juice helps in the treatment of gingivitis and inflammation of the tongue.

• Lemon juice, when applied to bites and stings can help release the poison and free the pain.

Lemon in Beauty Care:

• Lemon juice when applied on acne, checks their further spread and/or growth.

• Lemon juice also works well as a skin bleach and hair lightener.

• Lemon juice is also effective for treating itchy skin, dandruff and greasy hair.


• Be sure to drink plenty of water with Lemon juice, as Lemon by itself is dehydrating.

• Exercise caution when using Lemon juice on skin exposed to sun, as lemon increase the photo-sensitivity of the skin and may result in sunburn.

• Since Lemon is acidic, the frequent Lemon juice drinkers are advised to drink through a straw, to protect the enamel of their teeth.

SOURCE: B-Positive Health Magazine

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