The Amazing Health Benefits of Crunchy Pomegranate

This exotic, bright red, thick skinned super seedy fruit is packed with antioxidants, loaded with vitamin C and potassium. Having array of vitamins and minerals, the fruit is not only healthy but delicious too. Providing a great deal of nutrition, this fruit is regarded as a super fruit as it provides health benefits beyond basic nutrition.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Health Benefits of Pomegranate:

  • Being a rich source of soluble and insoluble fiber (providing about 4 gm per 100mg), the fruit aids in smooth digestion and easy bowel movements.
  • A rich source of vitamin C and k, calcium, folic acid, riboflavin, phosphorus, niacin and breakdown of bad cholesterol and prompts heart health. Essential tannins such as granatin B and punicalagin, which are found abundantly in have a heart protecting effect by scavenging harmful free radicals from the body. The juice of this wonder fruit is known for its ability to prevent the build – up of plaque in the arteries.
  • Pomegranate seeds are known to secrete enzymes with anti-bacterial properties which can aid in digestion and fight several health problems such as nausea, hemorrhoids, dysentery, piles, intestinal parasites and diarrhea.
  • Studies have shown that this nutrient dense and antioxidant rich fruit is a symbol of health as it provides protection against cancer, Pomegranate is known to induce apoptosis, a process in which cancer cells self-destruct. Thus, it is considered to be beneficial for cancer patients. According to studies, it significantly prevents prostate, breast and lung cancer.

Include It in Your Daily Diet: Once can add pomegranate in several ways to their meals and enjoy its varied benefits in the following ways:

  • Add that crunch – For those who like the extra crunch that pomegranate seeds bring, they can club it with sprouts, boiled channa chat, bhelpuri, muesli or even sandwiches.
  • Bowl of nutrition – Bring color to your meals by mixing it in a large bowl of fruits and vegetables. It is the perfect way to start your day and can also be eaten as a dessert for that much-needed fruity/sugary punch.
  • Drink it easy – One cannot discount the benefits of pomegranate juice for their daily dietary intake. While it is not always possible to make fresh pomegranate juice at home every day, one can enjoy its benefits in hygienically packed ‘six layer cartons’ considering today’s on-the-go lifestyle, Packaged pomegranate juice is a convenient choice if fresh fruit is not available around; especially when you are travelling. The tetra pak cartons maintain the freshness, nutritional quality and the exact taste of the juice. The packaging also doesn’t require the need to add any preservatives and keeps the juice safe, fresh and flavorful for at least six months without refrigerating.

Pomegranate and Weight Loss: It is scientifically validated fact that being healthy is not limited to staying unrealistically thin. In an attempt to get to the desired weight quickly, people very often look for short cuts and are not only backfire, but also leave the body nutritionally deprived.

  • One cannot disregard the numerous benefits of pomegranates, however, it is not advisable to restrict oneself only to pomegranate and make it a single-ingredient diet.
  • There have been diets around pomegranate too that claim to reduce weight. However, it should be clearly understood that to function optimally the body needs a diet which is a combination of various foods to ensure all the essential nutrients are consumed in the right quantity.
  • A balanced diet and adequate exercise will go a long way in achieving weight loss without the risk of harming the body. Pomegranate is an ideal choice of fruit for those watching their weight as it greatly adds to the satiety value of food, color and crunch.
  • It is a myth that since the fruit is sweet in taste it should be avoided by weight watchers. An average pomegranate only has approximately 75 calories, a little more than an apple. However, there is no scientific link between eating pomegranates and weight loss. Pomegranate or any fruits can provide benefits as long as they are consumed in moderate quantity and as a part of a well-balanced diet. Enjoy the goodness of the pomegranate without worrying too much about putting on weight.

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