Natural and Effective Home Remedies to Treat Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder that affects 1 to 2 percent of the population. The people affected have recurring and spontaneous seizures. There are different types of seizures but they are always because of bursts of electrical activity in the brain.

A person suffering from seizures would generally have stiff muscles and shaking arms & legs. In severe cases the shaking gets vigorous. It could also be a slow movement of the arms and legs and the person might appear staring in some direction.

During a seizure accidentally loss of urine is common. The person might also fall unconscious make cry or make noise, throw up or drool. The person suffering from seizure generally does not remember what happened.

Some people think that a person experiencing seizure his swallow his tongue and hence they put something in his mouth to avoid it. However, this is not true and nothing of this sort should be attempted.

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So what causes a seizure, the brain sends out electrical impulses which control the movements of our muscles. In the case of a person suffering from epilepsy the brain cells send out too many impulses at one go. Causing the muscles to stiffen up and lead to a jerking reaction. It stops only when the brain stops sending these impulses.

Epilepsy can be caused by severe head injury, stroke, birth trauma, brain tumor, toxins, brain infection, brain diseases, genetic condition or drug abuse. In many cases the cause is unknown.

Home Remedies for Epilepsy

Natural Home Remedies to Treat Epilepsy:

1. Ash Gourd Juice: Ash gourd, a green vegetable, is one of the highly effective remedy to treat epilepsy. You can cook and eat it. Also, you can prepare its juice and have it. All you need to do is

  • Take a bowl of fresh crushed ash gourd.
  • Place it on a sieve and extract its juice.
  • Add three teaspoon of liquorice powder.
  • Mix them well.
  • Have this remedial juice once every day to treat seizures.

2. Garlic Tea: Garlic is a remedial herb to cure a number of health conditions, and epilepsy is no exception for it. You can prepare and drink garlic tea daily to cure epilepsy effectively.

  • Take about 100 ml of milk and add 100 ml of water.
  • Pour it in a vessel and allow this to boil.
  • Take 2 teaspoons if garlic paste.
  • Place it on a sieve and extract its juice.
  • Add this garlic juice to the boil milk and water solution.
  • Mix them well drink this remedial solution once daily to minimize seizures.

SOURCE: Homeveda

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