Homeopathy Treatment for Infants

The youngest stage of life beginning right after birth till the baby completes one year of life is called infancy. This is the period when the immune system and functioning of all the organs is not completely developed and babies are susceptible to various ailments after a little exposure to changes in the environment. Although the baby may be perfectly healthy, there are some common conditions that the new born may experience after being exposed to certain elements. The following are a list of some of the most common ailments usually seen during infancy.

These ailments can be treated and easily cured with homeopathy. It has great potential and can be widely applied in treating ailments of the new-born. Homoeopathic medicines are prepared mainly from herbs, vegetables and minerals and is given in very minute doses so that they are 100 per cent non-toxic, without any adverse effects whatsoever.

Homeopathy Treatment for Infants

Advantages of Homeopathy Medicines:

• Easy to administer even to a one-day old baby.

• It can raise the immunity level of children to help deal with illness throughout childhood.

• Easily palatable.

• Can be used for longer periods of time and at every stage of childhood.

• Improves digestion and resistance of the body.

• Can be given repeatedly at frequent intervals without having any side-effects (in consultation with a homeopathy physician).

• Children who take homeopathy medicines from their early growing years develop a strong immunity system.

• It can help prevent illnesses and provide support through difficult periods of a child’s life. With homeopathy children’s health can improve and chronic conditions often clear up completely.

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The Homeopathy Way of Treatment:

Besides focusing solely on the treatment, it is essential to educate and counsel parents about their children’s illnesses they might acquire during their infancy. This is the era of technology, which has made or lives comfortable but on the other hand it has made us impatient. Parents want their children to recover from simple illness as fast as possible and do not even wait for the defense mechanism of the child to respond.

These days most children are overmedicated because of the overanxious and overprotective attitude of parents. As a parents, it is our responsiblitlty to bring up our children in a gentle manner and emotionally. Therefore, homeopathy is a preferred choice of treatment for infants these days.

Commonly Used Homeopathy Medicines: Aconite, ferrum phos, chamomilla, pulsatilla, calcarea phos, calcarea carb, cina, tuberculinum, byonia, antim tart etc.

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