How to Breastfeed Newborn

To promote and support breastfeeding, as a part of the ‘World Breast Feeding Week’ that starts on August 1st and goes on till August 7th presented here are some valuable tips to improve lactation for breastfeeding mothers and also for women who are going to be new mothers.

Besides the influence of oral medications on breast milk, mothers should be more concerned about the quality and quantity of milk that she is feeding her baby. Breastfeeding is the safest and the most hygienic way of supplying all the required nutrients and colostrum for the proper development of your baby.

You will also probably hear some traditional suggestions from the elders in the family, like ghee laddu, lots of high calorie rich dry nuts and fruits, plate full of meals with mouth-watering Indian spices etc. but though these suggestions are well-meaning make sure your calorie intake is adjusted with a planned diet, listed here are some strategies to help you check your postpartum recovery while breastfeeding your baby.

How to Breastfeed Newborn

How to Breastfeed Newborn:

  • Start with a power boosting breakfast.
  • Check your appetite.
  • Have small and frequent meals throughout the day.
  • Resist consuming mouth-watering junk foods.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Add lots of greens to your regular meals.
  • Grab a fruit/choose your energy bar wisely.
  • Have a light dinner.
  • Have enough sleep and rest.

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Working mothers usually face problems which can’t be easily resolved and may also cause problems for the baby. Especially when the quantity of breast milk has decreased and she can’t keep up with the baby’s nutritional requirements.

However, there are some common Indian kitchen foods (spices) which help in increasing lactation. But before choosing production of milk) first evaluate the entire feeding procedure and note the timings and the duration of feeding the baby.

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