How to Grow Long and Thick Eyelashes Naturally at Home

Long Eyelashes are considered as a sign of beauty in most cultures today make routine of lot of women is focused on getting longer and thicker eyelashes. Many resort to use to the different products like Eyelash Colors, Serum, Enhancers and Mascaras to keep the eyelashes looking long and thick but just the hair on our scalp our eyelashes are also prone to weakness or hair fall. Too many chemicals, makeup or heat can damage eyelashes. So what if you found out that there are some really easy and natural ways to grow long and thick eyelashes without resorting to chemicals or equipment’s.

Not everyone can be gifted with a supremely long, thick and full set of eyelashes. In fact it always seems to be the rule that those who have the eyelashes most of us could only dream of do not fully appreciate how lucky they are. After all, the eyes are said to be the window to the soul and windows are never complete without the perfect set of frames! Perfection in this case most definitely does not come from short and barely there lashes, it comes from plentiful lashes that naturally extend themselves skywards.

Long and abundant, these eyelashes always make your eyes look big and beautiful. Why make your eyelashes longer? Well, because true beauty is natural beauty. Eyelashes and brows are simply hairs that protect our eyes and accentuate our natural beauty. Take for example, vitamin E, aloe vera gel and honey. These three things are high in antioxidants that replenish both skin and hair in ways unimaginable.

Let’s use another example. Collagen is a protein that is widely used to reduce the signs of aging in skin. This protein provides structure to help maintain the skin’s elasticity and reduce wrinkles. Just the same, collagen provides structure for our hair giving it resilience and strength. This is a little insider tip that few people know. Gently apply it to your eyelashes and you’ll be surprised to say the least.

Be consistent with your lashes: Let’s say you want to make your eyelashes longer and thicker. So, you decide to apply vitamin E oil to your eyelashes every night before bedtime. You do this for a few weeks and you don’t see immediate results. Don’t make the mistake of replacing vitamin E with aloe vera and hope it will give you immediate results. That’s not the way it works. Vitamin or any supplement needs time to soak into your eyelashes and into the hair follicle to strengthen from the inside out. When you stop applying vitamin E and switch to something else, you cut off the supply before it has a chance to fully take effect. These things take time. So, be consistent with whichever supplement you decide to use. You may not see immediate results, but if you wait, you’ll be happy with the long-term results.

Keep up your nutrition: So, it’s very important to give our bodies the nutrition it needs to make us healthy and beautiful. Start with fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins. Vitamin B complex and vitamin C play an active role in supporting hair follicles. Citrus and chilies are especially high is vitamin C. Vitamin E applied directly to the eyelashes improves texture and endurance.

Interesting Facts about Eyelashes:

Eyelashes are unique to every one of us. They vary in length and thickness and even texture. They can also be very mysterious. To clear the air, here are 10 interesting facts about eyelashes:

• The average length of an eyelash is 10mm.

• Eyelashes are not “dead”.

• About 40% of your lashes are growing at any given moment.

• There are about 150 eyelashes on the upper eyelid and about 80 on the lower lid.

• Lashes protect our eyes from dirt and debris. They also shield from the sun’s rays.

• They’re Made of 97% keratin protein and 3 % water – the same protein that makeups our skin and nails.

• The eyelash growth cycle is on average 4 weeks long.

• The eyelash growth cycle is broken down into three stages: Anagen (growth) phase, Catagen (transition) phase, and Telogen (resting) phase.

• Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids contribute to eyelash growth.

• Eyelash length and thickness depends solely on the health of the hair follicle. Take care of you hair follicle and you’re more likely to have longer, healthier lashes.

Since our eyelashes are so delegated its best to use natural ingredients enhance their looks. Be gentle while brushing the eyelashes so as to avoid any damaged to the delegate follicle. Make sure you do not leave any makeup, especially any mascara on your skin overnight and drinking enough water also helps in keeping the skin and hair hydrated and removes toxins the sometime hamper hair growth. Here we will share with you some simple but effective home remedies you can use to grow your eyelashes and enhance your beauty.

How to Grow Log Eyelashes

How to Grow Long Eyelashes Naturally:

1 # Egg and Castor Oil:
This remedy is an egg and castor oil eyelash mass thin or falling eyelashes require protein to strengthen them which comes from the rich contents of the egg while castor oil contains vitamin E which repairs damage and enhances hair growth.

How to:
Take 2 drops of egg white
Add 2 drops of castor oil
Mix it well
Apply this onto the eyelashes with an eyelash brush
Leave it overnight and gently rinse off with some cool water in the morning
Repeat this process once in every three nights this remedy can help in slowly growing thick and long eyelashes

2 # Olive Oil:
We will now make and olive oil and Vitamin E hair serum. Olive oil conditions, protects and lengthens the eyelashes while vitamin E oil provides them much needed nutrition for good health and growth to make this mixture take.

How to:
Take 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in a bowl
Add to 1 tablespoons of Vitamin E oil
Mix it well
Take 2 drops of this mixture and apply onto the eyelashes with an eyelash brush
Leave it overnight so the mixture get absorbed
This remedy can be used every night for moisturizing and conditioning your eyelashes

Tip: If you use mascara everyday, stop for a few days. Give your lashes a chance to breathe and make sure to never go to bed with mascara on. Avoid using waterproof mascara if at all possible and be sure not to rub too hard when removing your mascara.

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