7 Natural Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Regular sex is good for the health as it can improve the immune system, lower blood pressure and help to de-stress and so on.

Therefore, having a healthy sex life is important. However, the key to this starts by maintaining complete transparency with regard to everything about sex with your partner.

Sex accumulates various emotion, love and tenderness to longing, anxiety and disappointment. So, remember to be open about all these emotions to pave the way to a healthy sex life.

How to Improve Sex Life

7 Things You Should Do To Improve Your Sex Life:

1. Communicate: Let your partner know about the changes in your body. If you notice any changes in your body with regard to a problem, it is necessary to let your partner know rather then play out like you are not interested to have sex which can create avoidable resentment.

2. Engage the Senses: Sex isn’t all about just touching. You can do a little for all the other senses to increase and embrace good sex, like music, candle, and aroma of the room, the lighting and so on. The whole environment is important so you can check with your partner what he/she prefers and can set it up accordingly.

3. Experiment with Different Positions: Being a little adventurous and trying out different sex position can help each partner feel better.

4. Do Kegel Exercises: These exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which hold the bladder, uterus rectum and small intestine. It is advisable for both women and men not just for improving sexual fitness but also for problems like leakage of urine or stool while laughing, sneezing or coughing. With these exercises, the pubococcygeus muscles contract while having an organism, so toning them enhances sensations.

5. Here’s a Simple Exercise: Tighten the muscle, which you would use if you were trying to stop urine. Hold the contraction for about two-three seconds and slowly release it. Continue doing so, for another 10 times and repeat it at least five sets in a day. You can do the exercise anywhere while you are driving, standing or sitting.

6. Aim to Be Healthy: It is necessary to maintain sound physical, mental and emotional health while trying to acquire sexual well-being. You must eat healthy, increase fluid intake, exercise well, and avoid smoking and alcohol.

Smoking affects the blood flow to the penis, vaginal tissues and clitoris. And females who smoke are prone to have menopause two years earlier than their non-smoking counterparts.

On the other hand, consumption of a large quantity of alcohol over a long period can affect the liver, which leads to an increase in estrogen in men. In the female body, alcohol can cause more complications by increasing the disruption of sleep and hot flashes.

7. Maintain Personal Hygiene: It is very important to maintain high levels of sexual hygiene as negligence can lead to various infections and can put your partner off. Some tips to increase and maintain sexual hygiene are as follows.

1. Wear clean undergarments as it can create a breeding place for bacteria, which can cause infection to your private parts.

2. Urinating helps in cleaning the bacteria in the urinary tract. Therefore, it is advisable not to hold nature’s call.

3. For men, it is imperative to clean the head of the sexual part gently with lukewarm water and without applying any soap. Negligence will cause the build-up of smegma, which are dead skin cells, white in color. Though it is harmless, excess growth can cause irritation.

4. Women too need to keep their sexual parts clean by washing every day but not very frequently in a day. If not taken care of, it can form smegma and other infections as well.

5. Both partners must clean their nails and hands before and after before and after sex to avoid transfer of bacteria and germs to the genitals.

6. It is necessary to take a bath before and after sex too.

7. Avoiding sex if your partner has an infection and waiting till it is cured is advisable.

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