How to Make DIY Body Lotion Recipe?

Homemade body lotions can be a fantastic way to nourish your skin. A natural body lotion provides the right amount of nutrients to the skin and helps strengthens the natural defense mechanism of the skin.

Also, its non-greasy properties make sure that the lotion gets easily absorbed by the skin. The lotion directly penetrates into the outer layer of the skin and helps in collagen repair. Collagen is that structural protein in the skin which is responsible for smooth and healthy-looking skin.

The first step you should take to get that flawless skin is choosing the right diet. Exercise regularly to boost your blood circulation and make sure you have a good sleep as sleep is the pillar of healthy skin.

Let see how to make a body lotion at home at the same time enjoy the benefits of using natural ingredients.

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DIY Body Lotion Recipe

How to Make DIY Body Lotion Recipe?

1. Aloe Vera Home Remedy:

How to:

  • Take a cup aloe vera gel in a clay container.
  • Add a handful of dry calendula flowers to it.
  • Add a handful of dry chamomile flowers to it.
  • Add one teaspoon of green tea leaves.
  • Finally, add a little water.
  • Warm the mixture on a low heat until it turns very warm.
  • Once done remove and make it cools.

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2. Avocado Oil Home Remedy:

How to:

  • Take half a cup of avocado oil.
  • Add half a cup of calendula oil.
  • Mix them well and store this in a jar.
  • Apply this mixture on your skin after a shower.
SOURCE: Homeveda

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