How to Stop a Nosebleed – Nose Bleeding Treatment and Prevention

1. Sit quietly and upright.
2. Blow the nose gently to remove mucus and blood.
3. Have the person pinch the nose firmly for 10 minutes or until the bleeding has stopped.

How to Stop a Nosebleed

If this does not control the bleeding:

1. Pack the nostril with a wad of cotton, leaving part of it outside the nose. If possible, first wet the cotton with Vaseline or lidocaine with epinephrine.

2. Then pinch the nose firmly again. Do not let go for 10 minutes or more. Do not tip the head back.

3. Leave the cotton in place for a few hours after the bleeding stops; then take it out very carefully.

4. In older persons especially, bleeding may come from the back part of the nose and cannot be stopped by pinching it. In this case, have the person hold a cork, corn cob, or other similar object between his teeth and, leaning forward, sit quietly and try not to swallow until the bleeding stops. (The cork helps keep him from swallowing, and that gives the blood a chance to clot.)


If a person’s nose bleeds often, smear a little Vaseline inside the nostrils twice a day. Or sniff water with a little salt in it.

Eating oranges, tomatoes, and other fruits may help to strengthen the veins so that the nose bleeds less.

SOURCE: Where There Is No Doctor (Health Guide)

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