How to Wash Your Hair Properly – Correct and Perfect Head Wash

Hair washing has assumed new importance nowadays, thanks to the exposure to increased grime and chemical air pollutants. These cling to hair and must be removed immediately.

Which shampoo to use? This would be the first question you’d ask yourself. Well, it is always recommended to choose a mild herbal shampoo that should suit your hair type, be it oily or dry. The next most important thing to remember would be to use less of shampoo and to rinse hair thoroughly with water.

How often should I wash my hair? This is another very common and important question. Your hair type and season determines the number of times shampoo should be applied to the hair. For oily hair and hot humid weather, the hair should be washed often (three to four times a week for oily hair and twice a week for dry hair). The important aspect to bear in mind is that washing does not harm the hair. What harms the hair is the product you use and the quantity of shampoo used for each wash.

How to Wash Your Hair

Pre-shampoo Care:
• Many natural ingredients and oils can be applied to hair prior to shampooing.

• For normal to dry hair, apply oil the night before, massage scalp well and leave it overnight. This nourishes hair and improves blood circulation to scalp.

• Apply curd half an hour before a shampoo head wash. It softens hair and also adds volume to it.

• For oily hair, apply egg white, half an hour before you shampoo. It is a powerful cleanser and also adds body to hair.

Home Hair Cleanser:

• Make your own herbal hair wash. Take one handful each of dried reetha, shikakia and Indian Gooseberry (Amla).

• Allow them to soak in one liter of water overnight.

• The next day, simmer the mixture on low fire, till the water reduces to half the quantity.

• Allow the mixture to cool and strain it through a clean cloth. Now use this liquid to wash your hair.

• This quantity should be enough for four washes.

• Keep your home-made hair cleanser in the refrigerator for further use. Prepare small quantities at a time.

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How to Wash Your Hair Properly:
• First wet your hair thoroughly. Apply shampoo and use your fingertips to massage scalp and hair gently. Work up lather. Start from scalp and go downwards. Run plenty of water through the hair while washing. This helps get rid of all the soap and impurities.

• For dry hair and during dry winter season, use a creamy conditioner after shampooing your hair. Massage the conditioner gently into hair. Leave on for about two minutes and rinse off with water. Alternatively, apply a leave-on-conditioner or hair serum.

• For oily hair, a thorough hair rinse helps add volume and shine. Add tea water (boiling tea leaves in four to five cups of water) to lemon juice. Cool and strain. Use it as a final rinse after shampooing your hair.

• Do not dry your hair too hard after a head wash. Wrap a towel around your head for a few minutes to soak up the moisture. Do not comb or brush wet hair. It can cause hair to stretch and break. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb out tangles, starting from ends and going upwards towards scalp.

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