Importance of Regular Medical/Health Checkup

Following a health check, you come to know that you have been diagnosed with an ailment. You are shocked, upset, and angry. But with time you do come around to accepting that there is a problem to be dealt with. What follows this acceptance? What form of treatment other than medical do you need to make permanent changes?

Along with medical/surgical treatment, lifestyle corrections are necessary to manage your disease and rehabilitate you to a near normal life. Lifestyle disease can be prevented and if they cannot, they need to be managed.

The following steps will help you manage chronic diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and triglycerides, obesity, cardiac ailments, digestive disorders and cancer.

Prevention & early detection: Forewarned is forearmed. If your parents/siblings have an of the above ailments or you have a family predisposition, you are at risk. Awareness of genetic history can help you take preventive action. Regular health checks will help you establish your current status and take corrective steps when necessary.

Post-diagnosis: Use this as an opportunity to change. If your medical tests are way beyond acceptable limits, the time to change is now. Otherwise the disease will become chronic and thereafter impact many other organs and systems of the body. Set up or enroll in a regular reminder system of checks and daily wellness.

Disease management: You will need to address weight issues. Your diet will need to be monitored and controlled. Sedentary habits will need to give way to all-round fitness of heart, muscles and joints.

Worries and tensions will need to be replaced by relaxation to create mental peace. Sleep will need to be complete in quantity and quality to heal body and mind.

A package of medical and wellness treatments will need to be implemented to keep the illness in control. New habits have to be practiced daily without fail. The good news is, they will help you correct your overall health.

• Chewing tobacco or other related products are known to cause mouth/gum diseases which later on, may become the reason for oral cancer.

• This habit should not even be practiced casually. It is essential to cut down your consumption initially and then quit altogether.

• Consult your doctor and enlist the support of your family in helping you quit.

Importance of Health Checkup

Respiratory Ailments:

Immunity disorders and allergies result in several ailments including asthma, urticaria or hay fever. They could be caused by atmospheric pollution, cigarette smoke, house dust, pollens, and molds. Isolate those factors responsible for your condition.

In addition to the medication you have been prescribed, avoid exposure to allergens as far as possible, by shutting windows and doors to prevent pollen from entering the house, wearing sunglasses to protect the eyes, a nasal mask to prevent inhalation and by cleaning your hair, eyes and body regularly to remove pollen.

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Asthma is a condition in which the airways within the lungs get inflamed due to specific allergens, which results in the narrowing of the airways, reducing airflow and resulting in breathlessness and wheezing.

It is vital for you to consult your doctor for management and treatment of your asthma. Triggers in asthma besides stress includes cigarette smoke, dust, odours (including perfumes), pollen, animal hair, pollution, certain medications, some foods (including peanuts, milk, cheese, wheat, etc.), occupational exposure (including paints, fumes, varnish, dust, etc.) and exertion.


When there is no medical basis for your headache such as sinusitis, rhinitis, tumor, or any other, then the most common cause of headache is stress. Identify the source of your stress and dry the following measures:

• During periods of distress, neck and shoulder exercises and massage, bring some relief. Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and meditation also relieve stress and tension. Eye exercises increase circulation to your eyes and relax them.

• A high fat diet, irregular meals and junk food is contraindicated during headache. Drink sufficient water and eat fresh vegetables and fruits at least twice daily.

• Poor posture, especially of the neck, spine and lower back is a contributing factor.

• Allergies such as asthma, rhinitis and from hives, food are found to trigger headaches.

• Lack of sleep and even too much sleep is another contributing factor.

• Hormonal changes before, during and sometimes even after menstruation are common triggers for headaches.

Digestive problems:

Along with medical factors, lifestyle and stress can aggravate irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), gassiness, ulcers and acidity. Personality also plays a strong role.

A perfectonistic, obsessive ailments. A fitness regime, a healthy diet eaten at regular interval, will all help manage your digestive problem.

Better coping techniques such as relaxation, meditation and a less exacting personality are all required to stop digestive problems from becoming chronic. Person has a higher risk of developing digestive.


Any indirect, casual or daily association with addictive substances like alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco, has a proven record of causing dependency and being detrimental to health.

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