Is It Good to Eat Fish During Pregnancy?

Fish is excellent to eat when pregnant because it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. A regular intake of Omega 3 fatty acids enhances the intelligence of the child and reduces depression in the mother.

Apart from fish, omega 3 fatty acids are also present in walnuts, soya bean oil and flaxseed oil. It is best to ingest omega 3 fatty acids through food and not through tablets. Women can eat a few walnuts daily.


A lot of pregnant American women avoid fish to avoid exposing the baby in the womb to trace amounts of brain damaging mercury poisoning that may be present in the fish.

However according to Dr. Joseph Hibbeln from America’s National Institutes of Health, omega 3 fatty acids show, that the benefits of eating such fish far outweigh the risks from mercury in them.

The amount of omega 3 in a pregnant woman’s diet helps to determine her child’s intelligence, fine-motor skills) such as the ability to manipulate small objects, and hand-eye coordination) and also the propensity to anti-social behavior.

The Avon study was begun 15 years ago (as on February 2006) by Jean Golding and contains data of fourteen thousand expectant mothers and their offspring.

It showed that at 3 and half year of age, those children with the best measures of fine-motor performance were the once whose mothers had the highest intake of omega 3 a low intake of omega 3 during pregnancy led to higher levels of pathological social interactions such as an inability to make friends as a child grew up.

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