Dealing With Keloid Scar: 8 Best Treatment Option for Keloid Scars

Keloids are tough scars that rise above the skin. They are irregularly shaped and tend to get enlarged over time. The symptoms of keloid are scars that look smooth, shiny, raised and pink or red in color. They are tender, itchy and painful to touch. The cellular changes which control cell growth, causes keloids.

Keloids are generally genetic and they are also caused by an inflammation of the skin due to burns, piercing or acne. Sometimes they appear after surgery or in the place of an injury. There are different types of keloid treatments available and they are Cortisone Injections, Surgery, Laser Treatment and Silicone Sheets.

Keloid Scars Treatment

1. Cortisone Injections:
These intralesional steroid injections are a painless and safe treatment of keloid. The injections should be given once in a month until the keloids start disappearing. The steroid injection is safe as little steroid enters into the blood stream.

They help flatten the keloid but they tend to make the diminished keloid redder as they stimulate the formation of superficial blood vessels. After the treatment the keloids look better than they were before the treatment but it still leaves marks that look and feel different from the other parts of the skin.

2. Surgery:
Surgical removal of the keloids is a little risky as cutting off the keloid triggers the growth of another keloid that is sometimes larger. A few surgeons remove keloids successfully by steroid injections or by applying pressure dressings on the wound, from where the keloid is removed. Treating the wound with radiation, after surgery, is also helpful in removing keloids.

3. Laser:
Laser treatment is effective in flattening the keloids and they also make them less redder. This is a safe and painless method of keloid treatment. But there should be several sessions to treat the keloid properly. This treatment is also costly.

4. Silicone Sheets:
Silicone sheets should be applied for several hours on the keloids. This treatment has to be continued for several weeks or even months. Other compression dressings other than silicone are also effective in removing the keloids.

The following are a few new treatments for keloids and their success is not yet proved but they are believed to be very effective.

5. Cryotherapy:
In this treatment the keloids are frozen with liquid nitrogen. This helps in flattening the keloids but the treated area of the skin turns darker.

6. Interferon:
The proteins produced by the immune system of the body helps to fight viruses and bacteria. Interferon injections help in bringing down the size of the keloids but it is not yet proved to be effective.

7. Fluorouracil:
This chemotherapy agent can work alone or can be combined with steroids to treat keloids.

8. Radiation:
A few doctors say that radiation is a safe and effective way of treating keloid scars.

Keloids can be prevented with the application of moisturizers, massaging the scar and by wearing fitting clothing. Ayurvedic herbal treatments are an option in keloid scars treatment. The herbal balms are believed to have a miraculous effect on the keloids.

Keloids can be controlled when treated with sea water and sea water is better than physical serum. There are many treatments for keloid and some treatments help in diminishing the keloid, for a person, while it is not effective for another.

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