Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment – How Does It Work?

All teenager and youngsters these days like to keep their hair and nails perfect. And with the stressful lives that they lead, their hair undergoes a lot of damage. It can also be because of the various treatments they put their hair through at a salon.

One of the best solutions at their disposal is the keratin treatment which is gaining in popularity each day. However, before opting for this treatment, it is important to understand what keratin is and how the process works.

What Is Keratin?

Its a strong protein that is naturally present in the nails, hair and skin. But hair and nails tend to become dry and brittle because dead keratin is pushed to great lengths.

It is the key structural building block for hair, skin and nails. It is found in humans and animals alike in forms ranging from hooves to soft flexible skin.

This shows how strong yet delicate keratin can be. When the outer layer of keratin is damaged, it affects the new cells that are no longer protected beneath it. This causes damage in the form of dry, brittle hair or rough and cracked skin.

What Is A Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatments are a hair straightening treatment that can really cut down on frizz and curls. And it actually gives your hair a shine. It is a great alternative to constantly straightening your hair every day as it makes hair healthier over time.

Keratin treatments are also safe to use on the hair and especially on hair that has been previously highlighted or colored.

How Does It Work?

It is used to smoothen and repair the damage done to the hair’s cuticle layer. The treatment creates a barrier from heat and humidity, so it can be a great treatment for every client who is looking to have natural curls. Have their frizzy hair smoothed out and protected from the outer elements.

Keratin treatment not only completely smoothens out the curls but it also removes frizz and dryness and gives soft, healthy, shiny hair. It is unlike a perm or relaxer because; it doesn’t actually change the hairs disulphide bonds thereby making it a semi-permanent treatment that lasts around three months, depending on the hair’s texture.

The treatment creates a barrier from outside elements like pollution, heat and rain, so it can be a great treatment for those who have perfectly healthy hair but are looking to have their natural curls and frizz smoothed out and protected from the elements.

A keratin treatment helps cut straightening time in half, if not more. In general, the thicker the layer of keratin the healthier the hair.

In the keratin straightening treatment, a stylist applies the keratin cream in the hair and straightens the hair out with the help of a flat iron.

The time for the entire process depends on the length of the hair but should last about two hours. However, before you go in for this treatment specialist.

Some of the most popular keratin products used in salons include:

  • Brazilian hair straightening
  • Keratin complex smoothing therapy
  • The la-Brazilian treatment
  • Global keratin complex
  • The Brazilian blowout
  • Brazilian keratin treatment

Keratin Treatment

Difference between Keratin Straightening and Regular Straightening:

• Keratin treatment has no harmful chemicals and natural hair grows back within three to four months.

• It makes the hair beautiful, silky, shiny and easily manageable to brush.

• Keratin is a family of proteins that are among the most important and versatile compounds ever produced.

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Advantages of the Treatment:

Beautiful Hair Faster: If you regularly need to straighten you hair and it takes a while for the process, keratin treatments shorten the blow dry time by at least 60 per cent.

Say Goodbye to Frizz: After getting a straightening treatment, the hair will never get frizzy again. Natural elements like heat or rain will not cause any damage.

Lasts Long: Once, the treatment is done, it will last at least for three months.

Don’t Wash Hair Soon After: Treated hair must not be washed immediately after it is done. It takes at least three to four days for the solution to start working on the hair.

Use an Appropriate Shampoo: Be sure to use a sodium sulphate-free shampoo after the not-washing hair period is over. It helps maintain the smooth texture of the hair.

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