Male Infertility Causes, Treatments and Tips to Boost Fertility

Infertility issues are believed to be a woman’s problem, especially in a male-dominated society. But, one out of every three cases of infertility is due to the man alone.

Male Reproductive System: Sperms are made in the testicles and then stored inside epididymis (on top of each testicle.). Sperms are nourished by semen. The whole process relies on proper levels of testosterone and hormones and also on correct signals send to the brain.

Common Causes:

• Varicocele – abnormal collection of bulging veins above the testicle.

• Orchitis – infections in testicle.

• Chemotherapy or radiotherapy destroys testicular tissues.

• Taking drugs or steroids.

• Genetic and chromosomal disorders.

• Natural or acquired deficiency of testosterone and hormones.

• Some men are able to produce normal sperm in the testicles, but the sperms in the semen are low in number, abnormal or not present at all due to: (Retrograde ejaculation – Semen ejaculates backwards into the bladder instead of penis. Therefore, sperm would be present in urine and not in semen).

• Absence of Vas Deferens, main sperm pipeline.

• Obstruction in the delivery mechanism.

• Antibodies can attack a man’s own sperms on their way to the eggs.


• Semen analysis.

• Hormone evaluation.

• Testicular biopsy.

• Genetic and chromosomal tests.

Male Infertility


• Surgery to block off the abnormal veins. However, this has been effective in about 30 % of the cases.

• Surgery is also done to correct obstructions in sperm transport.

In the past, if these methods didn’t work, it often meant lifelong infertility and childlessness.

However, today with the advent of Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ARTs), there are several high-tech treatments that give sperm an artificial boost to get into an egg. ARTs have made conception possible even for men with low or abnormal sperms.


• Intra-uterine Insemination (IUI) – During ovulation, sperms are directly injected into the uterus.

• Intra-cytoplasm Sperm Injection (ISI) – one sperm is injected into an egg, and the fertilized egg is then placed in the uterus

• In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – sperms are mixed with many eggs outside in a Petri dish and then the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus.

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8 Tips to Boost Your Fertility:

1. Vitamin B12: Try to eat the foods which more vitamin B12 such as liver, fish, lobster, beef, eggs, etc.

2. Nutrition: Nutritional supplements such as Vitamin E and Zinc help improve fertility.

3. Improve Diet: Improve your diet by consuming fresh fruits, green vegetables and whole grains. Avoid caffeine, carbs and above all alcohol intake.

4. Exercise: Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes a day, it will can the fertility.

5. Daily Sex: Have a great sex daily or alternatively before 4 days of ovulation.

6. DHEA: Taking testosterone or any over-the –counter androgen like DHEA for weight training can harm fertility.

7. Alcohol Intake: Stay away from tobacco, cigarettes and alcohol.

8. Hot Bath: Men should also avoid hot showers as the high temperatures slow down the sperm production.

SOURCE: B-Positive Health Magazine

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