10 Sex Myths That Deserve to Die

How many such sex myths have you heard at some point or the other? Some we believe and some we laugh off. Let’s see which of the following myths you knew for certain were just that?

Myths and Facts about Sex

Myth # 1 – Ejaculation a must for sexual pleasure:

Ladies! Ladies! May I give you some good news? Don’t fret if your man did not reach that point even after a session of amazing sex. Chances are he had already achieved his (non-ejaculatory) orgasm. Totally believe him when he assures you he’s had the most wonderful time ever.

Myth # 2 – Size matters:

Yes, it does, but when asked, women voted girth as what mattered, not the length. The vagina has sensation only up to the first two inches. Anything beyond and the woman feels nothing. So, it hardly matters how deep he reached, when there is going to be no response.

It might also be interesting to note that, against what several marketing mailers claim, the size of the penis cannot be changed with exercise, pills or star secrets.

Myth # 3 – If there was no orgasm, sex was a failure:

Orgasm is supposed to be earth-shattering. It is one of the much hyped-about myths about sex, isn’t it? For some of us, an orgasm is the grand finale, the peak to look forward to. Some even achieve it more than once. But, for others, the pelvic muscles do not contract enough to create a crescendo to that ah ha moment.

More than an orgasm, women want to feel desired. They want to know that just her presence can turn her man on. And if that’s what your man successfully communicates to you, then you’re already having that joyful and intimate experience with your partner.

Myth # 4 – Women don’t have fantasies:

Now this is one big misconception. While women may not openly admit it, you’d be surprised to find a good many women actually enjoy but many are too ashamed to talk about. Chocolates and flowers may not be all that a woman desires. Women have sexual fantasies that can easily rival men’s. Tap into it to discover what pleases you both.

Myth # 5 – Sex gets boring with age:

Like all other aspects of a relationship, sex is something that needs to be worked upon. Just as it initially took some effort to figure out what both of you liked and enjoyed, it may be time again to discover other facets. Sure, when you’re younger, there is more energy. But most older couples report sex as being more satisfying emotionally.

There is less emphasis on achieving that peak’ and more on making a connection. Read our another article how to enjoy sex life and how to improve your sex life. You can keep your sex life interesting by finding time to talk about how you both are feeling and your sexual needs. There’s something to look forward to!

Myth # 6 – Ejaculation a must for sexual pleasure:

Pulling out or withdrawal method is considered an effective prevention against pregnancy as well as STDs. But it’s not true! It is not foolproof and does not protect against a pre ejaculation leak which the man cannot control. Heads-up ladies, in case this was your chosen method.

Myth # 7 – The morning after pill should be taken the very morning after:

The name ‘morning-after’ is kind of a misnomer. The pill can be taken anytime within the first 72 hours of unprotected sex, though the earlier the better. The other emergency contraception method, where an IUD is inserted into the uterus, can be done up to five days later.

Myth # 8 – Double the condom, double the protection:

Hey, but isn’t two better than one? Not here! In fact, quite the contrary, it increases the chances of a failure. Friction between layers can cause the condom to break. One is enough for the job as long as it is used in the correct manner. Here comes the importance of sex education.

Always read the instructions and check the expiry date. Inspect the condom for damages. Most times a condom fails, it is not because it breaks, but because it is not used properly or isn’t used for the entire duration of having sex.

Myth # 9 – You can’t get pregnant when menstruating:

Sorry to bust this one, ladies. Though unlikely, getting pregnant due to unprotected sex during those ‘five days’ is not entirely impossible. Sperms can survive inside your body for up to seven days, which puts you at risk of a pregnancy, especially if you have a shorter cycle.

It is always smarter to use protection, no matter the day of the month. To know more about periods check our latest article menstruation and hormones.

Myth # 10 – You can’t get pregnant the first time:

“Egg, meet sperm!” This is all it takes to make a baby. Whether it’s your first time, or the hundredth. Haven’t several movies been plotted along those lines? So, whenever you decide to become sexually active, it is best to first consider your protection options.

Remember that only a condom protects against both an unwanted pregnancy and an STD (sexually transmitted disease), and, it is always a good idea to include your partner in the decision.

And how could I ever end without a mention of that age-old myth “A virgin bleeds when the cherry is popped”. Do I even need to pop this one? These were only ten, and I’m sure you have a dozen other to add.

SOURCE: Woman’s Era Magazine

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