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Some Easy Ways to Design your Nails – Nail Art Ideas

Nail art has a history of its own, which is now revived again by becoming the latest fashion statement trending globally. Earlier worn by men and women to denote their social status, nail art is now about flaunting one’s creativity and fashion sense. It is said to have emerged from Babylonia where men painted their nails with kohl. The color black was worn by the higher classes and green by the lower classes. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra, known for her beauty, also used deep rusty shades with an undertone of gold. The ordinary women were restricted from painting their nails with the similar color used by the queen. Many have been inspired by Queen Cleopatra’s nail designs.

It was in 2012 when nail art came into the limelight again, making people go gaga over it. Celebrities from rihanna to Lady Gaga to Zooey Deschanel sported varieties of nail designs, which made nail art famous again. Male celebrities like Snoop dog, Johnny Depp and many Asian celebs too have flaunted their nail designs on camera. So, it is clearly not just for the females.

Ever heard of the word ‘Nailgasm’? Philosopher and documentation Ayla Montgomery a.k.a ‘Brass,’ coined the word. For her, nailgasm is the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of excitation from the artistic treatment of fingernails. Nail art is simply a creative way of decorating nails with the use of nail polish or paints, glitters, nail art pen, water marbling, and studs and so on.

Nail design has become a source of income for people with skills. Famous nail artist like Jenna Hipp share a passion toward this art. She is Hollywood celebrities’ most favored manicurist. Her clientele includes Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, Milla Jovovich, Jessica Alba and Michelle Williams.

Nails can be designed the way you want is salons or there is also a better way-you can DIY. Yes, do it yourself. There are hundreds of designs just a click away. You can find tutorials from famous mail artist on almost all the social networking sites like Instagram, Pinterest and You Tube. Given here are some easy ways to design your nails.

Nail Art Ideas

Nail Design Ideas:

Nail Design Ideas-1: Zigzag Pattern:

• You’ll need a tape and pinking shears.

• With any two colors of your choice paint the nail with one of the colors.

• Cut the taps with pinking shears, to get a zigzag pattern.

• Once the first layer paint gets dried up place the tape on the nail.

• Following the outline of the pattern paint the open areas with the second color.

• Wait for it to dry and voila. You get your zigzag pattern.

Nail Design Ideas-2: Shattered Glass Nails:

• You’ll need aluminum foil, scissors, black nail polish, a topcoat and a toothpick.

• Cut the foil into tiny pieces.

• Apply the black polish on your nails. Ensure that you apply a double coat.

• Right after applying the second coat, start placing the foil on your nails.

• If the polish dries up before you before you could place the foils you can always use always use a toothpick to get the polka dot look.

• To make it look smoother, apply a double coat of the top coat.

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Nail Design Ideas-3: Pinstripes Nails:

• Pick any base coat color and apply a double coat and let it dry.

• From the far end side of the nail, use a nail striper of any color of your choice of your choice and draw thin lines from the base to tip.

• A steady hand or a small paintbrush can do the work too.

• Let the lacquer dry thoroughly and polish the pinstripes with a swipe of top coat.

Nail Design Ideas-4: Ombre Nail Art:

• You will need a top coat and two different colors of nail polish, a plastic sheet, a sponge and toothpicks.

• Paint your nails with the lighter shade polish and let it dry.

• To make sure the two colors touch only the edges, paint it on the plastic.

• With the help of the toothpick, swirl the two colors.

• Dab some polish with the sponges. Then on your nails, dabbing it up and down.

• Make sure that the first layer is dried thoroughly if you want to dab for a second time to avoid smudging.

• After it dries up go for the topcoat.

• Clear up the excess with the help of a remover. Some apply petroleum jelly before starting the whole process to keep the paint off the skin.

Types of Nail Art:

Gel: The gel forms a strong coating on the nail, which, at the same time, has the same elasticity and structure as the natural nail. Another important feature of the gel is its ability to lie flat, which subsequently does not require filing. The chemical composition in gel does not cause irritation, makes the gel the best yet known coating. However, the gel procedure is more time consuming: to dry the gel, you need to use a special UV lamp. In addition, gel nails are difficult to take off only an experts can do this.

Acrylic: The industry of artificial nails has paid a lot of attention to building technologies and, in particular, acrylic, so that today there is a new technology to create super-modern sculpted acrylic nails without dust and smell.

French Manicure: French Manicure – a classic nail design. Nails of natural color with neat white tips are elegant and beautiful, besides they are suitable for any person.

Nail Piercing: Do you want anything special? Your nails can be decorated with jewels. In the artificial nail, a hole is drilled for this and an ornament that can be made of gold or silver is hung. Flat decorations are simply planted on the glue and fixed with a special compound. Be careful the decoration can catch something and break the nail.

Aquarian Nail Design: Aquarian design implies the execution of a pattern in the nail itself. Master during the procedure of building creates a picture of colored acrylic powder, spreads rhinestones and sequins, after which the acrylic coating is applied to the nail. The nail is polished and gives it a natural shape. To the touch, this nail is as smooth as a normal nail without a design. The advantage of aquarium design is that it is very durable. You will rejoice at him for as long as the extended nails will last. On top of such a nail can be covered with varnish, and if you decide to remove the varnish, you will find a pattern that has not changed at all.

True female beauty is impossible without beautiful well-groomed hands. Long thin fingers, decorated with flawless fingernails, always attracted a lot of looks. Not all are given by nature strong healthy nails. Bad ecology, household chemicals and a number of other factors have a harmful effect on our hands and nails. Few can boast of impeccable nails. But there is a way to make your nails beautiful so that you do not have to shyly hide your hands from others, but rather put them on public display.

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