Natural Home Remedies for Allergies at Home

When your child Immune system reacts abnormally to certain stimuli it causes allergies these stimuli are refer to as allergies. Reactions to allergens vary from child to child usually the symptoms are very similar to Cold include a runny nose, Chest congestion and Sneezing. However they can be a variety of other symptoms such as Hives, Rashes and in severe cases an anaphylactic attack.

There are various types of allergies Respiratory allergies, Food allergies, Contact allergies and Seasonal allergies. Parents should be observant and try to identify the allergens which affect their children. In case of food allergies the usual suspects are Milk, Fish, Wheat, Eggs, Peanuts and Soybeans. A one of case could also be trigger due to insect bites. It also advisable to get the condition diagnosed by a doctor as the symptoms could also indicate Asthma or Eczema

Symptoms: Runny nose, Chest congestion, Sneezing, Hives, Rashes, Anaphylactic attack

Respiratory Allergies: In respiratory allergies the allergens are airborne substances such as dust or pollen in such a case child may develop sneezing, coughing or asthma on coming and contact with the allergens. He or she may also have watery eyes and a runny nose. It is common for children to come and contact with such airborne allergens while playing outside in the field.

Food Allergies: Food Allergies can cause Eczema, Diarrhea, Flatulence, Skin rashes and Swelling of the throat and are caused if the immune system perceives any particular food as an allergen.

Contact Allergies: Allergies may also be caused when the skin comes and contact with allergens fragrances, latex or metals. Such contact allergies may cause itching, Burning sensation, Blisters or Inflammation on the skin.

Seasonal Allergies: Your child may also suffer from seasonal allergies wherein he may get in allergic reaction only during some particular season like summer or monsoon. In certain cases the child could also be allergic to stimuli found indoors such as dust mites and cockroaches.

Like symptoms the allergens for each child are different let’s look at some natural home remedies which can help your child get relief from allergy related symptoms. Immune system reacts abnormally to certain stimuli. Reactions to allergens vary from child to child. See how you can treat allergies using natural ingredients available in your kitchen.

Home Remedies for Allergies

Homemade Remedies for Allergies:

1 # Carrot, Beetroot and Cucumber Juice:
Carrot Juice is also known as Miracle Juice. Carrot Juice has various benefits it contain good source of Vitamin A that helps in detoxification of the liver. It also helps in balancing the pH levels, which helps the people who suffering with any kind of allergies. Beet-root Juice helps reducing the allergic reaction and relieves from the current allergies. Cucumber juice is also an effective home remedy for allergies which helps reduce allergic reaction and soothes existing allergies.

How to:
Take 100 ml carrot juice
Add 50 ml beetroot juice
Add 50 ml cucumber juice
Mix it well
Give this mixture to the child once every day

2 # Lemon and Honey: 
Lemon helps flush toxins from the body it is also known as antibiotic and has anti-allergic properties.
It has been proved scientifically that honey can actually reduces allergies so many take honey every day to fight with seasonal allergies.

How to:
Take 1 cup of lukewarm water
Add 4 tablespoons of lemon juice
Add 1 teaspoon of honey
Mix it well
Give this mixture to the child once every day on an empty stomach

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