Homemade Remedies for Chickenpox in Adults and Children

Chickenpox is a common childhood infection which is characterized by red spots and blisters all over the body. The conditions is a viral infection and occurs usually during the winter or the spring seasons. This disease is highly contagious and can be easily caught by coming in contact with an infected person which in case of kids is usually another infected child at school or in their play group. Chickenpox symptoms usually begins with fever and any adults or children may experience weakness and muscle pain. Headache or loss of appetite are also common the red spots are commonly appear behind the ears, face, chest, belly and limbs. These spots can be present inside the mouth or even around the genital area. Once these spots appear they began to blister and there is severe itching.

Chicken pox has made its presence felt the world over through centuries. The mental and physical disturbance and discomfort caused by the onslaught of the vestibules is incomparable to any other skin related outburst. The contagious nature of the ailment calls for isolation of the patient and although many of the diseases are being completely eradicated in the recent past, chicken pox continues to show up, especially in children. However, there are still some diseases that require the attention and one of them is Varicella Zoster that is popularly known as Chicken pox.

This disease gets its medical term from the virus called Varicella Zoster. It is a contagious disease and it usually affects children. It can be spread from the person infected to another person if one comes in direct contact with the other. Like any other disease, chicken pox too has certain symptoms that one should be careful about. The only danger that once a person is infected with the virus it takes at least 3 weeks for the symptoms to show. This is because during this time period the virus incubates in our body and one that is complete the infected person will see the symptoms.

Home Remedies for Chicken Pox

A person suffering from the disease will experience many symptoms. Some of the symptoms or signs of the disease are so mild that they can’t be noticed. In fact, at times the symptoms are so mild that the person will not even get the slightest indication that he has been infected. The first sort of symptom that one may face is a little weakness accompanied by mild fever and a general tiredness. An infected person will feel this only after the virus has completed its incubation in the body.

After these mild and almost unnoticeable signs of the disease the next are rashes that will appear on the body. It will start with some part of the body being affected and that could spread to all parts of the body with a concentration of the red spot so the chest and the back of the infected person. In cases that are more serious these rashes will even spread to the mouth and on the scalp. After a couple of days theses rashes will develop into blisters that are filled with fluid. Towards the end of the term, these blisters swill dry up and fall off after forming scabs.

It is during this time that the blisters get very itchy and irritable. You can consider yourself fortunate if this disease has infected you at an early age especially during childhood. This is because when you are a child the symptoms and the rashes are both mild and as you grow up these things tend to get worse. Also if you get infected to chicken pox when you are a child it is most likely that you will be immune to the virus for your lifetime and there are very rare occasions when a person has been infected by the virus twice in life. The ailment calls for special consideration to dietary and activity monitoring.

Although there will be severe itching make sure your adults and children’s are not scratch the rashes as that will not only worse in the condition but also leave permanent scars on the skin. Prevention is always better than cure hence make sure that you and your child is vaccinated against chickenpox. Chickenpox is a highly contagious viral infection and is characterized by appearance of red spots and rashes on skin. Let’s look at some simple, effective and Natural Home Remedies which can help your adults and children get relief from this condition.

Symptoms: Fever, Weakness, Muscle pain, Headache, Loss of appetite, Red spots on the body

Causes: Viral infection, commonly during winters or spring seasons, It’s a highly contagious condition

Homemade Remedies for Chickenpox:

1. Green Peas:

How to:
1. Take 200 grams of green peas
2. Boil them in water
3. Drain the water and Crush the peas to make a fine paste
4. Apply this paste on the affected area
5. Leave it as it is for about 1 hour
6. Then wash it off with normal water

2. Baking Soda:

How to:
1. Take 1 bowl of water
2. Add 3 tablespoons of baking soda
3. Mix it well
4. Use a sponge to apply this on your skin
5. Remember soda should dries on your skin

Or Adding a small amount of baking soda to the bath water of a person infected with chicken pox is a good way to control the itching sensation. Baking Soda helps controlling the itching.

3. Carrots and Coriander Leaves:

How to:
1. Take 100 grams chopped carrots
2. Add some of coriander leaves
3. Add them into 500 ml of water
4. boil till the water reduces to half
5. Strain the mixture
6. Drink this soup once a day
7. If you want You can add salt and pepper for taste

4 # Oatmeal:
Taking an oatmeal bath is considered beneficial for the treatment of chicken pox. The oatmeal is taken in a pouch and tied securely to avoid spillage. The pouch is then dunked into the water that is being used to have a bath until the water turns turbid. After this is done the person, who is affected with chicken pox can have a bath in this water. Having a bath in this water helps to relieve the itch caused by the disease.

5 # Brown Vinegar:
Half a cup of brown vinegar added to bath water helps in relieving the itching sensation associated with chicken pox.

6 # Honey:
Application of honey on the boils is good and has been observed to give results within three days which includes the total eradication of the disease from the body.

7 # Fruits:
During the first few days the patient should be put on a fruit diet which includes juices, while during the days the patient is getting alright the diet should consist of mainly fruits and vegetable juices.

8 # Margosa (Neem) Leaves:
Lukewarm water baths in which Margosa (Neem) leaves have been added are very beneficial in treating chicken pox as it help to relieve itching and kill the germs on the body.

Well ventilated and clean room is a must for an individual suffering from chicken pox. Remember that you should consult the doctor if the infection lasts for more than 3 weeks

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