Home Remedies for Migraine Headache

Unlike a normal headache, a migraine makes a person immobile. When a migraine headache attacks the only thing the person would want to do is simply lie down in a silent place.

The migraine attacks have a certain pattern at any instance the pain is located only in one part of the head right behind the eye one can feel a pulsating sensation. The headache may shift to the other side of the head on another occasion.

Migraine Symptoms:

The other symptoms include vomiting and nausea the patient may also experience diarrhea, cold hands and feet, and sensitivity to light.

What Causes Migraine Attack:

Intake of alcohol, drugs, smoking, and allergic reactions can lead to migraines. Even a drop in blood sugar level, nutritional deficiencies, lack of sleep, and excessive work can cause a migraine.

Women also suffer from this painful condition at the onset of their menopause. Here are a few simple home remedies for migraines.

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Home Remedies for Headaches

List of Home Remedies for Migraine Headache:

1. Carrot and Spinach Juice Home Remedy:

How to:

  • Take half a glass of carrot juice.
  • Add an equal amount of spinach juice.
  • Mix them well.
  • Drink this mixture to cure migraines.

2. Cabbage Leaves Home Remedy:

How to:

  • Chop a few cabbage leaves.
  • Apply on your forehead with a clean piece of cloth.

3. Lemons Home Remedy:

How to:

  • Take some chop lemon rinds.
  • Crush it to make a fine paste.
  • You may add a little water if needed.
  • Apply this on your forehead to get instead relief.

4. Chamomile Tea Home Remedy:

How to:

  • Make chamomile tea by adding chamomile powder to a cup of boiling water.
  • Drink this when hot for fast relief.

Tips for Migraine Attack:

  • When experiencing a migraine attack it is best to lie down in a dark, silent room.
  • Sleep well and avoid eating anything during an attack.
  • Hot or cold compresses can also help ease the pain.
SOURCE: Homeveda

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