8 Effective Tips to Prevent Neck Pain: Say (Good Bye) to Neck Pain

Neck, the slender structure that holds together the head and the rest of the human body has had a sorry turn with the advent of new-age occupations. Be you the much feted software professional or the economically rising call center executive.

Your job is often the story of being seated at a desk fixated on a computer screen for odd and long hours. Any wonder then, that neck pain is today s serious problem among people just in their mid-20s and above?

Causes of Neck Pain:

• Sitting in a fixed posture for too long with little or no movement leaves the neck muscles fatigued. The muscles, which are thus rendered weak, put strain on the ligaments in the neck area, causing neck pain.

• Over time, the curvature of the cervical spine too changes and puts pressure on the ligaments and nerves, causing muscle spasms.

• There can also be a structural change where the spine straightens out instead of maintaining the normal lardotic spinal curve.

Neck Pain

Tips to Prevent Neck Pain:

1. Sit upright and ensure that the seat or chair you are using is the right one for you.

2. The computer monitor/screen should be placed below eye level. This facilitates better viewing and prevents muscle fatigue.

3. Avoid watching TV at an awkward angle to the screen. Make sure that the TV screen is right in front of you.

4. Do regular neck exercises or exercise the neck muscles regularly to maintain the tone. ‘Against resistance’ exercises are the best for maintaining neck muscle tone.

5. Avoid excess neck rotation.

6. While sleeping, don’t use too thick a pillow to rest your head, neither do away with pillow altogether.

7. Adjust the pillow so that the normal curvature of the neck is maintained while sleeping.

8. The ‘against resistance’ exercises are a very simple set of exercise and can be done even while at work.


When neck pain is severe, cervical collar of a comfortable size may be used to check the condition from getting worse. A cervical collar protects the neck from sudden jerks and can be used while travelling.

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When Should You Consult A Doctor?

Consult a doctor immediately, when neck pain is a result of an injury. When neck pain is a result of an injury.

When neck pain is a result of bad posture, you may try to seek relief through exercises and the use of a neck collar. A consultation with the doctor is a must, if the two fail to help.

SOURCE: B-Positive Health Magazine

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