9 Easy Steps To Do Your Own Pedicure At Home

The home pedicure is done at home to legs, feet, and toenails. The procedure requires more time and need patience. The procedure helps to clean your toenails, soothing your feet, removing underlying dirt, maintain toes, remove dead skin, and rejuvenate the feet.

The materials of the procedure are quite the same, but the process of doing pedicure is quite different from a manicure. The toenails are stronger when compared to fingernails. So you require toenail nippers and other toe materials.

Tools needed:
• Nail cutter and nipper
• Cuticles Cutter and pusher
• Nail Polish
• Pumice stone
• Orange stick
• Pack of Cotton balls
• Large Basin

Materials needed:
• Acetone/nail polish remover
• Epsom salts (Optional)
• Moisturizer
• Exfoliation lotion (Optional)
• Warm water

Process and Procedure of Pedicure at Home:
• Remove old nail polish
• Soak your feet in warm water and Epsom salts/salts
• Clean your feet with a pumice stone
• Clip toenails and cut nails
• Trim and push back cuticles
• Moisturize your feet and toes
• Polish your toes
• Apply base coat
• Finish with a second coat
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Procedure of Home Pedicure

The Procedure of Home Pedicure:

1. Remove old nail polish: The first step when you start doing pedicure is to remove the old nail polish so that you can see your toe-nails and pedicure will help the toenails. Remove nail polish with the help of nail polish remover and remove the toe-nail polish.

2. Soak your feet: After removing nail polish take a basin and pour warm water in it, now add Epsom salts or (lemon salt) and soak your feet in some warm water. Soak your feet for 10 minutes, so that it becomes easy to remove underneath the dirt.

3. Clean your feet: After 10 minutes complete, remove your feet from the warm water and clean your feet with a pumice stone, nail brush. It helps to remove the dead skin and soothes the toe-nails and roughed areas.

4. Clip toenails: The toenails will be now softer and easy to remove, cut your toenails straight, and across using nail clipper, clipping will help to stop ingrown toenails. After cutting the nails file your toenails to smoothen the rough edges.

5. Trim and push cuticles: Trim and push back the cuticles. Use a cuticle cream to the base of the skin if it’s not push back after soaking. Slowly push back the skin of the cuticles with Orange stick to clean under the free edge. Cuticles may be removed by nipping with the cuticle nippers, being careful not to cut live tissue.

6. Moisturize your feet and toes: Moisturize your feet, lower legs, and toes by applying the cream. Use an exfoliating cream if your skin is dry or roughened. Scrub the toes to remove all traces of oil or lotion.

7. Polish your toes: Polish your toes with a moisturizer or oils, scrub the toes, wipe each toenail with a cotton pad and use a spray bottle fill warm water to rinse the toes and then dry your feet, legs, and toenails with a soft towel.

8. Apply base coat: Separate your toes by putting cotton balls or pads between the toenails and apply the base coat give time and wait 3 mins to dry it.

9. Finish with second coat: Clean you any polish on the toes and apply the second coat to your toenails and clear coat of polish once it is dried.

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What are the Benefits of Pedicure:

Pedicure is done for feet, legs, and arms. It is similar to a manicure. The treatment will help to remove hidden dirt on the skin and helps in blood circulation.

It is referred to cleaning of foot and toes. Massaging the foot and legs with lotion, creams or stone named. “Pumice stone” will soothe the nerves and also rejuvenate the foot.

Pedicure is also of three types just like a manicure. Home Pedicure, French Pedicure, Spa Pedicure. Pedicure removes the dead cells on the feet by rubbing the feet, cleaning the foot, oiling and trimming the toe cuticles, messaging with the lotion, and later polishing the feet.

Purpose/Benefits of Pedicure:

The purpose of a pedicure is having a cleaned and removing the dead cells on the feet and avoiding the hardened nails and having good, healthy legs and toes.

• Helps toes and foot clean, growth and good condition

• Helps in removing dead cells on the feet.

• Discourages the foot alignment.

• It nourishes the skin and helps the feet and leg muscles.

• Prevents from causing foot cracks, infections, and fungus.

• By massaging the feet and toes it improves the blood circulation.

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