Skin Care Tips for Winter Season

Winter means different things in different parts of the country. While people in north India experience really cold temperatures, people in the western and southern regions enjoy pleasant weather.

But most people experience dry, dehydrated, rough, sensitive and chapped skin and lips. So, it’s essential to take extra care of your skin during this season. Mentioned here are a few helpful tips.

Skin Care Tips For Winter Season

Look and Feel of Winter Skin:

  • Pale and dry
  • Dehydrated and flaky
  • Sensitive
  • Wrinkled under eyes
  • Chapped lips
  • Dry frizzy hair: prone to breakage
  • Dandruff

Special Care:

Go Overboard With Moisturizing:

Apply your creamy moisturizer after cleaning your face off all the dead skin and grime as they can act as a barrier against the cream soaking into the skin.

Apply moisturizer on damp skin. This not only spreads and hydrates better, but also seals the water on the skin.

Bear the Burn:

What causes the burning of the skin is dry and chapped skin and by not applying cream, you can make the condition worse. Even if the skin burns when you apply moisturizer, don’t worry. Apply the cream and let it be.

What you could do is spray a mist liberally and apply the cream on top before the effect of the mist dries off. Also, drink plenty of warm fluid and healthy amounts of oils in the diet.

Look after your Eyes and Lips:

Since the skin on these parts are very thin and lack oil glands it dries out and gets wrinkled and chapped. If on any night you do not feel up to skincare, a must-do is eye and lip cream.

Since chapping can be a painful condition, give your lips gently with your fingers, and then apply a good cod cream, ghee t lip balm with beeswax. Avoid smacking and licking your lips, as it only aggravates the dryness.

Pay Attention To Your Hands and Feet:

Make sure you take care of your body (especially the exposed parts) the same way you take care of your face. Generally, go for a short bath with warm and not too hot water though it may be tempting, it also leads to the drying of the skin.

Do not step into a room with heaters immediately after a shower. Pat dry but before that, apply plenty of moisturizer on the damp body. A good but gentle exfoliation an oil indulgence helps.

Also, post an oil massage, do not overuse soap. Try a moisturizing body wash instead. Even a five minute pre-shower oil massaged onto the body helps in a big way.

Winter Must Do’s:

  • Move from a foamy face wash to a creamy one and cleanse your face not more than three times a day.
  • Change the liquid remover to a creamy one.
  • Apply plenty of under eye and lip cream.
  • Switch from shower gels to shower oils.
  • Indulge in a per-bath five minutes oil massage.
  • Apply oil on hair overnight
  • Apply plenty of moisturizer.
  • Avoid scrubs.
  • Hydrate yourself.
  • Use sunscreen.

What to Avoid:

  • Long, hot bath.
  • No sunscreen.
  • Skipping shampoo.
  • Petroleum jelly on the lips.
  • Licking or smacking the lips.

Supplements for Winter:

  • Essential fatty acids: omega3, omega6, omega9; cod liver oil, fish oil capsules.
  • Proteins- whey proteins, simply threptin biscuits and some multivitamins with amino acids.
  • Zinc- usually in multivitamin capsules or with calcium or iron supplements or separately with magnesium.

Winter Kitchen Goodies:

  • Honey and banana mask for hydrating skin.
  • Milk cream on its own or with sandalwood paste.
  • Coconut oil to create a protective barrier on the skin
  • Coconut milk and coconut cream to moisturize your face and body.
  • Avoid acidic fruits as a mask in winter.
  • Apply fenugreek paste, lemon, and coconut milk as a hair mask. It takes care of a dry scalp and dry hair.

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