Home Remedies for Treating Sore Tongue

Maintaining some simple lifestyle or health rules can prevent problem like sore tongue from taking place. Sometimes people eat inattentively or talk to others while eating. This kind of thing can cause problems that include biting part of tongue that can cause soreness.

With this eating spicy food and smoking very often can also cause sore tongue. That is why paying a bit attention while eating and avoiding spicy foods or smoking can prevent sore tongue. There are some natural home remedies that help immensely in problem like sore tongue.

Symptoms: Most common symptoms of sore tongue include the appearance of small bumbs, blister or redness and raised areas in the tongue.

Causes: Some of the common causes of Sore tongue include Stress, Allergies, Smoking, Drinking, and certain medical conditions.

Home Remedies for Sore Tongue

Home Remedies For Treating Sore Tongue:

1 # Baking Soda: The problem of sore tongue is caused due to bacterial infection and therefore using an anti bacterial product helps a lot for getting relief. Baking soda is anti bacteria in nature that helps in treating the infection. Not only has this, baking soda also reduced the sores and the resulting pain and inflammation very effectively.

How to:
it is one of the home remedy to try. Apply a paste of baking soda on the tongue to get relief.

2 # Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera gel helps in providing relief from the burning sensation and the inflammation caused due the small sores and bumps on your tongue. Not only this, it also has some anti bacterial properties to treat the infection to provide quick relief. Aloe Vera gel is almost used in every home remedies.

How to:
Apply Aloe Vera gel on your tongue every day to reduce the symptoms of the problem.

3 # Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is anti bacterial and anti inflammatory in nature and thus helps in reducing the symptoms and the infection very effectively. The use of tea tree oil is very effective in reducing the size of tongue sores and provides complete relief from the problem of sore tongue.

How to:
Dilute some tea tree oil and use is to rinse your mouth several times in a day.

4 # Honey: Honey soothes your tongue and treats the soreness very effectively. The presence of useful anti bacterial properties in honey help in providing relief from the infection and the anti inflammatory properties reduce the pain and burning sensation.

How to:
You can apply honey on your tongue and you can repeat this tasty home remedy as many times you want in a day.

5 # Saline Solution: Salt also has some useful anti inflammatory properties that are very effective in treating the inflammation and soreness on the tongue. Not only this, the anti septic nature of salt helps in increasing the recovery from the problem.

How to:
Mix some salt in water and use is to rinse your mouth in the morning and after your every meal to control the problem.

6 # Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper can provide you complete relief from the problem of soreness on tongue. Not only this, the use of this product helps in reducing the inflammation and pain very effectively

How to:
Make a paste of it and apply it gently on your tongue to get rid of the symptoms.

7 # Lavender Oil: The anti inflammatory and anti bacterial nature of lavender oil come handy in treating a lot of health problems. You can easily get relief from the tongue infection by using the oil.

How to:
All you need is to prepare a mouth rinse by diluting the oil and then repeat this home remedy every day to get relief.

8 # Alum: Alum is anti septic in nature and thus it is very useful in providing relief from the problem of infection on the tongue. The use of alum helps in reducing the tongue sores very effectively and relieves the pain and inflammation to provide relief.

How to:
Take some powdered alum and apply it on your tongue to get rid of the sore tongue problem.

9 # Ginger Tea:
Ginger as a product is very useful as it is anti inflammatory in nature and provides relief from the symptoms of pain and inflammation. Not only this, ginger also helps in treating the bacterial infection to provide relief from the soreness completely.

How to:
Drink ginger tea slowly to treat the problem completely.

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