10 Simple Home Remedies To Reduce Stress Instantly

There are so many times in life when you get stressed and you can do nothing about the stressor that is causing you the stress. All the option you have at your hands is wait and watch. And if it is really a wait and watch option there is no point that you should be feeling stressed. Thus, following are some points that can help you reduce or in some cases remove completely the stress sitting in your brain. All of them are proven scientifically through rigorous research as being effective in reducing stress.

Types of Stress:

Before working on to do away with a stress it is important to know the type of stress it is causing. Different types of stress effect differently on our mind and body and their intensity also differs.

Bad Stress: clinically this type of stress is known as Distress. As the name suggests, it is a bad stress and thus effects adversely on our social and occupational functioning. Stress due to low academic achievement in the past might adversely affect our confidence in the job interview.  Stress due to a belief of having a bad body figure might adversely affect our romantic relationship. Thus a stress which acts as a hindrance to our goals is known as bad stress, distress.

Neutral Stress: clinically this type of stress is known as Neustress. As the name suggests, it is a kind of stress that which remains neutral and has no effect on our social and occupational functioning. Stress in mind due to the news that tsunami has affected people in deep south, or some earthquake has effected people in some other country, is called neustress. The stressor of such stressful situation is not directly related to our life but still affects our peace of mind, and thus is known as neustress.

Good Stress: The name seems a little awkward but clinically this type of stress is known as Eustress. Stress of this type always proves beneficial in our social and occupational functioning. As the name suggests it is a stress that is in fact good. A stress to a student before the exam that motivates him to achieve more score in the examination next day, stress to a boxer to win the tournament might give him more strength to give powerful blows to the opponent. It is actually important for a person to experience this type of stress to achieve more in life, thus is known as good stress.

How to Reduce Stress

1. Eat a Chocolate or Ice Cream:
Research has proven that eating dark chocolate or ice cream twice a week regularly reduces the stress hormones (cortisol and catecholamine) from your body. Thus next time you feel a little stress; go grab your favorite cup of ice cream or your favorite dark chocolate brand.

2. Listen to Music:
Music releases endorphins in your blood stream thus making you feel relaxed. Always keep your headphones and charged iPod within your reach, because you never know when you require that mental pill to reduce your stress instantly.

3. Take Vitamin C:
Winters have been associated with depression and it is god’s way of maintaining the balance that he provides us with an amazing variety of citrus fruits. The more you take in the vitamin c the more it blocks the stress hormones to pollute your mind and body. Drink that orange juice and reduce stress instantly.

4. Take a Hot Water Bath:
Taking a hot water bath has a lot of pros. Yes it cleans your body and relaxes your mind. Add it with some lighted scented candles or an aroma and music and see the magic it does to your body and mind. (Sounds so relaxing) yes, the sound of falling water has been associated with reducing stress instantly from your mind and when it is falling on your body, nothing can be better.

5. Meditate:
Meditation is actually the oldest technique of reducing stress. It even helps in curing chronic stresses. Thus there is nothing to explain regarding meditation but the point has been enlisted just to remind you of one of the oldest scientifically proven technique to reduce stress.
e=”color: #003366;”>6. Take a Walk:
Taking a walk is associated with diverting your mind. When you go for a walk, you meet different people, see different things. It is actually in a way taking you away from the stressful context.

7. Exercise:
Exercise burns your calories but does u know it also helps in burning your stress out. Yes, the more you exercise during stressful situation the more relaxed you feel. It is suggested by many psychologists around the world to exercise daily to reduce chronic stress.

8. Write Down Things You Are Grateful For:
Writing down things that you are grateful no matter how hard you try to not, but bring smile to your faces. You feel not only relaxed after this but you also start feeling contended with your life. Knowing what all you are grateful for, brings in you a new strength to fight to the stressful situations in life.

9. Browse Your Photo Album:
Photo album, if you don’t have one, make it today itself. The more you browse your past happy times, the happy you feel in life. It brings a sense that your life has been and will be worth living with beautiful people around you. You get to know that time passes quickly and every moment should be filled with full of life.

10. Practice Prayer:
Regardless of religion, prayer satisfies a basic need to feel that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, which helps in reducing stress and overwhelm.

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