Stop Smoking: 10 Simple and Easy Tips to Quit Smoking

If you want to quit smoking it can be very helpful to do a little preparation first. This preparation will allow you to preview the challenges ahead and it will give you a way to decide how to cope with those challenges before they become a problem.

The idea is to learn to disassociate yourself entirely from nicotine and the feelings you might have for it while at the same time coping with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. A day or two of this type of preparation can mean the difference between success and failure.

For a lot of smokers, cigarettes are almost like little friends with personalities and human-like qualities. These “friends” have been with us through good times and bad and that bond that must be broken. To do this, you should really look at your cigarettes and analyze the entire smoking experience.

You’ll discover that there is nothing magical about any of it and as much as you might love your cigarettes, they sure don’t love you back. You are emotionally attached to paper, tobacco, a filter, and some added chemicals and this makes no sense whatsoever.

With that realization, you can begin to separate yourself from cigarettes and it will be that much easier for you to quit. The good news is that after about a week or so your cravings will decrease significantly and you’ll be able to easily beat them. You just have to make it that far and you’ll be okay.

Nicotine can also make you want to do something with your hands. For many ex-smokers, there is suddenly a loss of “something to do” and that can help feed your anxiety. A lot of people will eat peanuts or wheat grass juice or suck on a cinnamon candy or something like that.

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Tips to Quit Smoking

Smoker Myths:

There are dozens of what I call ‘Smoker Myths’ associated with nicotine addiction; some of them are like:

Myth # 1 “I enjoy smoking, it makes me feel good” ever said something like that.

Myth # 2 “I really enjoy the flavor of tobacco” are you kidding me.

Myth # 3 “I’m just so stressed out, I need a cigarette”.

These smoker myths become a part of the smoking culture or belief system. How many times do you think a non-smoker would make these statements? NEVER!!

But sooner or later most people come to a point where they realize that the cigarettes are finally beginning to take their toll. You don’t lose anything when you quit smoking; as a matter of fact you gain life, health and money. Did you know that you can quit smoking anytime you choose to?

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Easiest Ways to Quit Smoking:

• Eat nuts in the shell – four nuts every time you are craving a cigarette. This will keep your hands and mouth busy, just like when you smoke.

• Drink wheat grass juice once a day. The flavor is said to kill nicotine cravings.

• Try a homeopathic spray. Just spray it in your mouth every time you crave a cigarette and wait 90 seconds.

• Throw away all your cigarettes and ashtrays.

• Stay away from other smokers.

• Spread the word by telling your friends and family really helps. 

• See your doctor to keep track of your progress.

• Talk to your doctor if you are having trouble, especially if quitting makes you gain weight or feel depressed.

• Stick with your plan, tell yourself if someone can quit smoking, so can I.

• Celebrate success give yourself a treat with the money you’ve saved.

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