Top Ten Healthy Living Tips for All

If you are healthy, you probably will be happy, and if you are healthy and happy, you have all the wealth you need, even if it is not all you want. These ten healthy living tips are easy to adopt into your healthy living lifestyle. You do not stand a chance to be healthy and happy if you ignore the ten commandments to live healthy.

Top Ten Healthy Living Tips

Top Ten Healthy Living Tips:

1. Laugh out Loud Daily: Laughter is medicine for your body. It is internal jogging exercise for the organs. Laughing is one of the most powerful beneficial things you can do. Children laugh on an average, 10,000 times per week. Adults on average laugh five time per week. Laughing stimulate the entire immune system. Laugh every day as often as you can even if you have nothing to laugh about. You will feel better and be healthier.

2. Reward Yourself for Action: After you have accomplished a task or achieved an objective, treat yourself with something special or unusual. Something that you will remember at least for a long time.

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3. Set Realistic Goals: But don’t limit or underestimate your capability or potential to surprise yourself. You are capable of far more than you can imagine. The first thing you need is the right mind set to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. You will be able even to perform the impossible.

4. Stay Motivated: Enjoy what you are doing and make it fun. Find all the good reasons why you are doing it. It is another way of finding your purpose in life, when you find yourself doing something that you really love and enjoy. Passion and purpose go hand in glove. When you find your purpose, you are automatically motivated every day.

5. Relaxation: Don’t fight stress by eating, instead, learn to relax. Try some of those deep-breathing exercises, lie on your back if possible during which you close your eyes, consciously relax every muscle of your body from your face down to your toes, and focus on your breathing for 5 to 20 minutes each day. You can also listen to de-stressing CDs: With a headphone, use this specially created music or words that are designed to stimulate the brain, release healing hormones, and dramatically release stress that has been frozen and encapsulated in the body.

6. Limit Sugary and Caffeinated Beverages: That’s a recipe combination of progressive health deterioration. Moderate caffeine consumption doesn’t seem to be harmful for most people. But recent studies suggest that when men who have both high blood pressure and a family history of hypertension drink a lot of caffeinated beverages while under job stress, they may experience a dangerous rise in blood pressure.

7. Stop Smoking: Every cigarette you smoke is one day shortening of your Lifespan. Smoking is a down and out unhealthy habit that affects not only your health, but even worse, the health of others around you. A pity on your children if you smoke around them.

8. Eat more Fruits and Veggies: More fruits and vegetables in your diet to replace all that carb. To help cure and prevent chronic diseases, fruits and especially vegetables are crucial. Vegetables especially have the antioxidants, minerals, and phytonutrients in the correct combination that help keep the blood sugar in balance, create better energy in the body, and along with fruits build a strong immune system.

9. Healthy Snacks: All ten healthy living tips has the same objective for your health. Keep healthy snacks around. Replace all those sugary, salty and unhealthy artificial flavored snack with natural nutritional ones. Snacking healthy is crucial to stay healthy, manage your weight and at the same time enjoy what you eat.

10. Don’t Skip Meals: These are the ten healthy living tips. Better to have small regular meals several time throughout the day rather than one big plate to make up for those you have missed. This habit is also a very effective way to manage your weight.

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