What is Epilepsy? Myths and Facts

Epilepsy is a common condition, affecting about five in every 1000 in India. It is most commonly characterized by repeated fits (jerking of hands and legs), with or without loss of consciousness. It is because of this, that a person with epilepsy is prone to injuries such as tongue bites, falls, accidents, burns, drowning, etc. depending on what he/she is doing while he/she gets an epileptic attack.

There are a lot of misconceptions about epilepsy. People with epilepsy are stigmatized and isolated in society. This discrimination starts in school and continues on to marriage and employment as well. It should be known that people with epilepsy are normal people just like anyone else’s and should be treated with love and respect. Also, effective treatments are available to keep epilepsy under good control.

Today, there are very effective treatments available to treat epilepsy. However, there are several myths with regard to epilepsy which interferes with the effective management of the ailment. Here we dispel a few myths about epilepsy.

What is Epilepsy

Myths and Facts About Epilepsy:

Myth Fact
Epilepsy is a mental disease and the persons suffering from it are mentally deranged. Epilepsy is a neurological disease caused due to abnormalities in the brain.
Epilepsy is caused because an evil force or demon enters the person’s brain. The above is not true. As stated, a brain disease causes epilepsy.


By putting a metal such as a key chain in the affected person’s hand can stop a fit. This is not true at all. Most fits would stop on their won in a few minutes. There are effective medicines to stop and prevent a fit.
Children with epilepsy have learning disabilities and cannot study property Most children with epilepsy have normal brain function and perform well in school
Women with epilepsy cannot have normal married life. This is completely false as women with epilepsy can have a normal married and sexual lif, just like other women. Despite this fact, most women with epilepsy find it tough to find a suitable partner especially, when the information of her epilepsy is shared with the prospective bridegroom’s family.
Women with epilepsy cannot have normal deliveries or babies.  Majority of women with epilepsy (96 percent) have normal deliveries and babies.
People with epilepsy are not fit to work. There is severe discrimination when it comes to employment for people with epilepsy. Several employers reject people with epilepsy suspecting their ability to work. The fact is, that those with epilepsy can perform most jobs well, just like others. Only jobs of a pilot and driver cannot be done by them.

People with epilepsy are normal people just like anyone else.

SOURCE: B-Positive Health Magazine

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