What is HIV and AIDS? Signs, Symptoms, Cure and Prevention

HIV/AIDS are two different terms used together only to relate the cause to the condition. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus- it is a retrovirus that infects only the human body finally causing the body’s immune system to shut down leaving the body defenseless in a condition called AIDS i.e. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

HIV lets discuss it briefly:

  • H – Human (as the virus affects only human cell)
  • I – Immunodeficiency (the virus attacks the immune system and terminates its activity)
  • V – Virus (a retrovirus that is very thoroughly multiplicative)

What is HIV AIDS

HIV and AIDS Signs and Symptoms:

There are a number of health maladies that have suddenly sprung up in recent times. Among the many cancers that literally affect every organ and system within the human anatomy and various internal and external infections, has arisen yet another challenge for the medical fraternity in the form of Acquired immune deficiency syndrome or HIV.

This form of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome also referred to as AIDS is a killer disease. Affecting the immune system of the body, the disease takes a toll on the overall well being and general health of the patient within no time at all.

The malady is one that breaks down the human immune system due to the invasion by a human immunodeficiency virus, hence the abbreviation of HIV.

The disease does not follow a pattern or code affecting any one particular age group. What makes matters worse and more challenging is that the disease is also genetically imparted to the unborn child and generations thereafter.

The HIV/AIDS condition is progressive in nature and greatly reduces the ability and effectiveness of the patient’s immune system to counter-attack the invasion.

This not only leaves the patient utterly susceptible to developing what the medical fraternity refers to as opportunistic infections, but also to the formation of a number of painful tumors that grow at an alarming rate. The HIV virus is easily transmitted via direct contact with the infected person or carrier of the virus.

The virus thrives in the mucous membrane and/or in the carrier’s or infected person’s bloodstream. It is this ability of the virus to live within the bodily fluids that pose a greater risk and threat to the longevity of the patient.

The virus is transmitted the moment an uninfected person comes in contact with the HIV infected blood, vaginal fluid, semen, breast milk, and even pre-seminal fluid.

The disease has its own set of symptoms that manifest in all areas of the body and at different times during the course of the ailment. The symptoms of AIDS/HIV primarily arise on account of the conditions that develop around the infection.

These conditions are unlike those observed in healthy immune systems. Immediate after infection with HIV, most people experience a brief flu-like illness, fever, fatigue, rash, joint pain, sore throat & swollen lymph nodes, jaundice, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting.

It is the infected immunity that gives rise to the increase in various viruses, bacteria, fungi, and a number of different parasites within the anatomy and especially the infected parts.

In a healthy human being, the increase and very presence of these parasites are normally controlled by the inherent nature of the immune system, which gets completely destroyed in the case of HIV infection.

Among the many opportunistic infections that are observed or manifest in an HIV infected patient are severe organ damage and the development of several forms of cancers.

People suffering from the AIDS/ HIV virus infection display degenerated organ systems and an increased risk of developing cancer of different parts of the body.

Some of the common cancer types observed in HIV infected patients include cervical cancer, Kaposi’s sarcoma, lymphomas, and other cancers of the immune system. The malady and challenge only grow by the day.

Treatment Options for HIV AIDS:

AIDS is indeed a dreaded disease and in fact as per surveys countless deaths around the world. HIV the carrier of AIDS is a virus that attacks the human immune system and slowly breaks it down.

There is no cure for this disease so far but there are a few treatment options that can help the patient live for a longer time. We are talking about the several available alternative forms of treatment that are available in today’s world.

Once the proper diagnosis of the symptoms of HIV is done then one can proceed with such treatment procedures. All these types of treatment are used to treat symptoms and completely alter the course of AIDS.

In this following article, we shall be focusing more on the available alternative forms of treatment for AIDS.

The alternative treatments might have very less effect on the mortality and the morbidity of this dreaded AIDS disease, however, at the same time, such treatments might just be able to improve the quality of life of the particular individuals who are down with AIDS and are counting their days.

Such alternative forms of treatments cannot erase out the HIV virus from a person’s body and anyone claiming to do such a miracle is surely a quack.

These treatment methods can actually improve a person’s lifestyle and help him/her live with a renewed zeal. In fact, such medications have a huge psychological effect which is way more than their medicinal value.

The person stricken with AIDS knows that someday he or she is going to face elimination from this reality show that we call life so there are no false hopes. Instead, these treatment options for AIDS provide mental boosting for the people down with this disease.

There are several natural herbs that are used in such treatments once the diagnosis is done. Acupuncture has been used for ages and it’s now being used simply to alleviate some of the symptoms and it however cannot cure a person the HIV infection.

There is actually no scope of falsifying hopes since the person already knows about his or her fate but such treatment methods provide him or her with an added mental stamina and the person learns to live life to the fullest. Such treatments add zeal or rather a renewed spark of life in the patient.

According to the World Health Organization or the WHO, a few intakes of dietary methods are a must. WHO also robustly recommends a plethora of dietary intakes of quite a few necessary micronutrients at the RDA levels for all HIV-infected people?

Some confirmation about the fact that the supplementation of a certain vitamin known as Vitamin A in the case of the kids increases the rate of mortality. These Vitamins also are capable of improving growth in the kids as well.

Research has also shown that the doses of Selenium taken on a daily basis can to some extent hold back the deadly HIV Virus. Selenium’s daily dosages also have been known to improve the CD4 count.

Transmission of HIV:

The main reason for HIV transmission is due to sexual activity. They also other reasons are the contact through the following body fluids, serum, blood, human milk, semen, and vaginal secretions the use of common drugging needles by drug addicts and transmission from mother to infant child during childbirth.

This last transmission can be prevented well in advance if knowledge about the mother’s infection is known. The populations at higher risk of HIV infection are males, homosexuals, and bisexuals.

HIV enters the bloodstream through open cuts, breaks in the skin, mucous membranes, direct injection, blood, semen, vaginal secretions, and breast milk.

HIV Risk Reduction: Avoid drug and alcohol use t- maintain good judgment, don’t share needles used by others for: Drugs, Tattoos, Body piercing. Avoid exposure t- blood products unprotected sexual contact and limit multiple partners by maintaining a long-term relationship with one person.

Prevention is better than Cure: As AIDS can be sexually transmitted make certain that your partner and you are tested and free of HIV promiscuity means death rectal, genital, and oral sex transmits HIV.

Both men and women should think and behave maturely, as they are responsible for a new life, i.e., a child, this promiscuity could spell doom for this innocent life as the HIV passes through the placenta and the umbilical cord to the child via the blood. HIV has also been found in low concentrations in saliva, tears, and urine.

Ways of Prevention:

• Maintaining a known and singular sexual relationship is the greatest prevention. The prevention of foreign blood or body fluid contact and using disposable needles after singular us are the ways to be the prevention of HIV.

• Mass awareness programs of the HIV infection and its courses are the best way to prevent HIV spread and aware of the masses against HIV discrimination.

• There is no treatment for HIV/AIDS but with a Lamivudine and Epzicom are some retroviral drugs, which prevent further viral proliferation or slow down the rate of cell metabolism and death by the viruses.

• Patients treated for HIV with these vaccines have a life expectance of 10-14 years as compared to normal 4-5 years.

• When taking or giving blood transfusion it should be determined that the blood and blood products like the lymph/plasma are free of HIV and other infections.

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