What is Psychic Attack? Signs and Protection

Life often throws up inexplicable conundrums. Many times, a series of unfortunate events get triggered in life, like a phase of depression or misfortune appears suddenly. There is no single explicit reason for it. We feel uneasy in the presence of certain people, places or objects.

We enter into a phase of continuous misfortune, accidents, and anger bouts or face monetary losses without any specific reason. A thought may arise in our mind about the reason behind these happenings. The source behind all these happenings lies at the energy level.

There are certain invisible forces or energies that exist which constantly influence our day-to-day life. These invisible forces of energy can work both in benevolent as well as malevolent forms. These special kinds of energy forces are known as psychic force of psychic energy, which influences the human psyche.

According to psychological literature, psyche is considered as a force of energy which directs human feelings, behaviour and personality. Our extrasensory perceptions like telepathy, clairvoyance and intuition are considered to be under human psychic abilities.

Psychic Attack

Psychic Attacks: Some of the ways by which psychic attacks manifest are:

Evil Eye or Malochia: A very simple form of psychic attack is ill-wishing. The process of gazing at a person with negative thoughts or feelings is known as an evil eye. Sudden and continuous bad fortune is sometimes due to the evil eye(s). It may be because of envy, jealousy, anger or hatred of good happening in someone’s life.

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Thought Forms: if a person is going through a painful and difficult situation with the partner or is being harassed by an in-law and cannot do anything but brood about the person who brought the misery situation upon them, this is nothing but a subconscious curse of a person to another person.

It has also been observed that negative words or chatting expressed with intense pain, anger, hatred or helplessness can also affect the targeted individual.

In all cultures, prayer and pure hearted intentions can create a powerful shadow in the case of curses or any other kind of malevolent intentions which are reported as highly intense forms of negative intentions.

Geopathic Stress: Specific negative energy fields which make us fell low or negative can be referred to as geopathic stress. A psychic invasion can be due to geopathic stress.

For an emotional disturbance, geopathic stress is the reason places where there have been suicides, murders or where war has taken place carry negative emotional energy imprints.

At times, when people have suffered from depression, emotional turmoil, depression or bad health, their living place carries high negative energies which affect those who visit the place or come in contact. Fortunately, these negative energy effects are often having limitations within a spatial boundary.

Often, every person can sense the presence of negativity of the place and it is important to follow our instinct for the place. The most effective way to deal with this would be to leave the place as soon as one sense or feel the bad vibes.

Astral Attack: There are some entities considered as spirits, people who have physically died but who have not been able to detach from their earlier lives. These earthbound spirits often occupy certain places like houses where they have lived their earlier life, funeral places, hospitals etc. visit to these places can also result in psychic attack.

Signs of Psychic Attack:

Most of the psychic attacks are activated by breaking the auric protection of the person. Fear and emotional breakdown are the two strong possibilities which can weaken one’s aura from within the energy field and make one vulnerable to negative forces.

• In the presence of negative psychic energy forces, the person would feel uneasiness for no specific reason.

• Disturbed sleep or bad dreams or insomnia also indicate psychic attack.

• Persistent negative moods also indicate psychic attack.

• If someone is not able to disengage oneself from a relationship even though he or she knows it is not in his or her best interest, it could be the result of some psychic spell from the other side.

Psychic Protection: Here are some tips to protect you from such attacks:

• Meditation with pure intention and thoughts can help us to strengthen our auric field.

• Water has the property to register the mental intentions of the people. If you think the place or people bear negative thoughts towards you, avoid consumption of water or any other liquid originating from that person or place.

• Avoid buying or possession of objects without knowing the history of its ownership/origin, as negative energy remains attached to the objects.

• Work on keeping your auric field more protected and positive.

SOURCE: B-Positive Health Magazine

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