What is Sexual Health – How to Enjoy Sex Life

Sex is an act as natural as the need to eat or sleep. But generally, talking about sex itself is considered a taboo. When it is so less talked about but so often done, how does one define what excellent sexual health is? First things first, what is sexual health? It is a state of physical, mental and social well being in relation to our sexuality.

It Includes Three Basic Elements:

1. Capacity to enjoy and control sexual and reproductive behavior in accordance with one’s social and personal sexual ethics.

2. Freedom from fear, shame, guilt, false beliefs and other psychological factors inhibiting sexual response and causing difficulties in sexual relationships.

3. Freedom from physical problems that interfere with sexual and reproductive functions.

Having understood what sexual health is, you might have questions as to how to maintain it. It is possible to maintain excellent sexual health keeping in mind the following concepts and practicing them in your daily life.

How to Enjoy Sex

Reproductive Health:

1. Enjoying a satisfying and safe sex life: it means having sex with a safe partner or suing condoms all the time and with a partner who is psychologically healthy.

2. Access to infertility and contraception advice: this helps couples who plan to have children but are unable to and also those who wish to avoid parenting at that point of time.

3. Safe child bearing: Facilities where women can give birth in a safe and healthy environment.

4. Adolescent reproductive health: If you have an adolescent at home, talk to him/her about basic sex, including family planning and sexual values.

Sexual Rights:

1. Seek, receive and import information related to sexuality: You can do this either by asking questions to your sexologist or reading books on sexuality written by sexual medicine experts.

2. Decide to be sexually active or not: This is a decision based on your sexual values, your culture, your family values and so many other factors. One thing to be particularly noted is not to give in to sexual peer pressure.

3. Deciding to have children or not: In our culture, it becomes everyone’s business to pressure couples into becoming parents. Now, this is a decision that only the concerned couple can make. It will depend on your mental readiness, financial concerns, lifestyle factors and many other factors.

4. Pursue a satisfying and pleasurable sex life: To spic things spice things up and get into the mood for it, read sex manuals like Kamasutra, Ananga Ranga or subscribe to online sex manuals with your partner.

5. Sexual health is a state of physical, mental and social well being in relation to our sexuality

Reproductive Rights:

• Right to life: To protect women whose lives are endangered by pregnancy?

• Right to liberty and security of the person: Protecting women from genital mutilation, forced pregnancy, sterilization or abortion.

• Right to choose whether or not to marry: Marriage is to be entered with the full consent of both the partners.

You may have thought that sexual health depends only upon nutritious food, regular exercise, sound sleep and some advice from concerned friends, but spend some time thinking over this article. Put some time thinking over this article. Put some of the suggestions into practice and very soon you will realize the full extent of your sexual health.

Why Do You Seek Sex?

Gone are the days when it was believed that there are only three motives to have sex – to feel good, to make babies, to show your love for your partner. A few of the many reasons to have sex that are generally cited to:

1. Stress reduction
2. Relieving depression and enhancing mood
3. Need for affection
4. Duty
5. Fostering jealously
6. Enhancement of power
7. Boost self-esteem
8. Making babies
9. Nurturance
10. Sexual curiosity
11. Revenge
12. Pleasure

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